I love print books!  When I buy them, I relish shelving them in places that shout out how much I enjoy them.  Looking at them, at least.  In the photo above, you’ll see the books I have purchased that I have not yet read…and below, note those that I have read and added to my shelves.

In my previous residence, I had many shelves throughout my space, from the bedroom, office, dining room, to the living room.

Now my space is limited, but I am filling it up with my two shelves: the TBR shelf and the “Read” Shelf.

I have only one problem that interferes a little with my bookish love: I actually prefer reading from my Kindle.

It is much easier to handle, and I like how I can change the fonts and lighting.

As a result, it takes me longer to read my print volumes. But I do love buying and having them, so that fact does present problems for me.

What to do? Well, I will struggle through as I read the “real” books and cherish them when they find their place on my shelves after I am finished.


What are your thoughts about print vs. Kindle books?


18 thoughts on “BOOKISH THOUGHTS…

  1. I still read mostly print books. In the past few years I’ve made a determined effort to read off the shelves and have done a good job. I still can’t count the TBR pile on two hands yet and wonder if I ever will… However, I do read a on Kindle. It is handy to have when I travel as I can put both books and audios on it!!

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  2. Diane

    Your shelves are fun to look at. My bring me joy as well, but, I do wish I read from them more often. I have one tall bookcase and some under the bed books. One time 1000+ physical books but when we moved to a condo in 2009 I now have right around 200.

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  3. I love getting books on my Kindle that are difficult for me to purchase otherwise and I do use it a lot, especially for NetGalley. But… truth be told my first love is print books and being surrounded by them!!

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  4. Izabel Brekilien

    I can’t help bringing print books back home, even if it creates a problem of space ! I love print books but I’ve grown used to reading on my kindle : it’s easier to read during insomnia without waking anyone, their weight is all the same whatever their size is, lol ! Quotes are easy to underline and I can have 300 books in my bag ^^

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    1. Yes, Izabel, I am sold on the benefits of the Kindle…but love the comfort of being surrounded by print books! I only have room for one real bookshelf, though, so I will have to find other ways to get that feeling.


  5. I feel your pain! We have shelves and shelves of printed books that we keep promising ourselves to read – but these days, we both far prefer reading on our Kindles. As you say, you can alter the font and lighting depending on how your eyes feel. But in 2021 I am going to have to address this problem!

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  6. Susan

    I feel like you do — I get a lot of print books from the library and I’m surrounded by them …. but I often find I like reading an enlarged font from my Fire e-reader … so it seems I’m getting older. And I want to buy an e-reader for my husband so we can cut down on stacks of books around the house!

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    1. Yes, Susan, I love how easy it is to read on the Kindle, which is a massive storage place for so many books! And to think that I resisted even trying the Kindle! My daughter bought my first one for me in 2010, and before long, I was a fan.


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