Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.


Happy Thanksgiving!  Today will bring some treats to those of us staying put in the residence, as required by the rules.  But mimosas, desserts, and hopefully a turkey will help make up for any disappointments.  Today I have been binge-watching shows on Netflix, like The Crown and the movie Hillbilly Elegy I read the book back in 2016.

  • I am also reading a NetGalley ARC Take It Back, by Kia Abdullah.
  • This week, I finished a great memoir, I’ll Be Seeing You, by Elizabeth Berg.
  • An early morning fire in the lobby is a lovely greeting on these cool mornings.

  • Dinners, treats, and the ever-growing book stack in my apartment do help to make up for what we lack these days.  But I miss my lovely family members, so when my granddaughter Fiona sends photos via Facebook, I am warmed by the gesture.

  • And when my daughter sends a family photo, I feel as though I am surrounded by family members.

  • Earlier today, I got an e-mail announcing a new title from a favorite author, so I had to pre-order it.  It is Joyce Maynard’s May 25, 202l release Count the Ways.


What blessings can you count today?  I hope everyone is finding gratitude in small treats and the treasures found along the way.


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