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Today is one day closer to Election Day…and I have mixed feelings.  Hope, combined with a bit of anxiety.  But once it is over, if it ever really is, lol, we can move a little closer to normalcy.  Then, of course, the Virus will still be looming and people around us might still be fighting the mask wearing and social distancing.  Sigh.

  • Meanwhile, I am reading.  I discovered an HBO miniseries based on a book I own:  a book I had started to read, but didn’t really like.  (That was back in 2014).  But I loved the first episode so much, that I thought I would give the book another try.  The show, called The Undoing, stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, among others.

  • The book was published under the title You Should Have Known, by Jean Hanff Korelitz, and after my viewing of the series episode, I started reading it again.  And I am still reading it!  Actually enjoying it.  Funny, that.
  • With October almost over, November and December and those holidays previously known as Thanksgiving and Christmas will be ahead of us.  Nothing will be the same as it was, of course, but perhaps we can create something new and hopeful?
  • We can mourn the past…or we can try to forge ahead with something new that might even be fun. 
  • I celebrated my birthday last Sunday, and instead of visiting my daughter at her home, still off limits, she came for a visit here, socially distanced and masked, and brought Champagne for mimosas and two slices of cheesecake.  Yum!  We couldn’t eat together (because she had to remain masked), but I had my goodies in my apartment later.
  • Then I received a cake in the community dining hall, from staff, and shared slices with other residents:

  • New ways of celebrating can happen!


How has your week been shaping up?  Are you looking forward to the holidays, in some form or other?



  1. Diane

    Laurel, I have “hope” and “a lot of anxiety” for the election. I hope both of our anxiety is relieved and we can march forward and heal.

    I just downloaded the Korelitz book after living the first episode of the mini-series.

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  2. Happy Birthday, Laurel! I’m so glad your daughter could visit. So many places in my area won’t allow that much. I’m going to look up the book you mentioned. I don’t think we have HBO but look into that.

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  3. Late Happy Birthday, the cheesecake and drinks sound great and at least a socially distant visit is something. Soon that election will be over. Just saw the covid numbers for the US on our news. Scary. Take care.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, having any kind of visit during this difficult time is a treasure, and with each visit, my daughter has brought something yummy.

      The Covid numbers always leave a chill, as I think of what could still lie ahead. Having the election behind us will help…especially if you-know-who is booted out! I don’t anticipate a smooth transition, however.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.

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  4. Belated happy birthday! 🥳 So many of us have had strange birthdays this year and it’s good to hear you got to see your daughter on yours. Next year, hopefully we’ll be mask-free! X

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  5. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you were “recognized” on your birthday by family and your other “family now”. Cheesecake, yum! We just had some recently for my son’s birthday.

    That’s interesting that you were inspired to go back and check out a book that had been set aside. Now you’re making me curious enough to want to check out the show. That has happened to me many times. A book I “set aside- not DNF” can sometimes be picked up in a different mood and enjoyed.

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  6. Last weekend I made a list of what I wanted to “do about” my birthday (on the 21st), Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will definitely NOT be business as usual. I wrote at the top of my Christmas notes, “SIMPLIFY.” That’s going to be my mantra for all the November, December, New Year’s Holidays.
    I enjoyed your post and am glad you enjoyed your BD!!!

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