Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

I woke up exhausted this morning!  Why?  I am not sure, but I suspect that the world around us is responsible.  And this morning, the gardener is noisily doing what he does.  Do you ever find ordinary things creating more havoc than you can stand?

  • I have been slowly trying to work around the elements of Block Editor, and just when I think I have it figured out, it throws a curve or two.
  • Earlier, I was searching for something in my desk drawer:  a pencil, of all things!  Could I find one?  No, and I am not sure how it is possible that I don’t have even one!  But then again, others moved me here…and I have slowly been stocking up on office supplies, etc.
  • By the time I had searched every drawer, however, I had weeded out a lot of junk and it is now organized.  LOL.
  • And I ordered some pencils from Amazon!
  • My reading sucks.  I have finished one book this week, and I didn’t love it:  The Truth About Melody Browne, by Lisa Jewell.
  • Next I started reading a book called Life in Pieces, by Dawn O’Porter.  A diary of one mother/writer’s journey through a Pandemic year.  Yeah, a true story.
  • As usual, I have been playing around with blog themes/headers, hoping that I can somehow win out over the block editor through sheer practice.

Here are some new headers: Potpourri


  • Now that I have conquered a few tasks, I think I’ll pick up my book and read a while.


How are you handling the day-to-day life of 2020?  Did anyone watch the debate last night?  Not as bad as last week’s, but still annoying.

Hang in there!



  1. Some days do go like that! I did watch a little of the debate, as I like Kamala Harris and I thought she did well. I loved seeing how they didn’t answer the questions. Some of which were best not answered in a straight way indeed.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, this is the first political campaign year I have experienced that has been so fraught with antagonism and lots of lying (primarily on the Trump side). The Pandemic has definitely heightened all the issues and made all of us feel vulnerable.

      Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. I feel your pain as far as the Block Editor is concerned. Every time I go to create a new post or edit an existing one it seems to work differently! However, life sets these little tests for us, doesn’t it? As a Brit, I’m an external observer of the U.S. Presidential election but I have to say I’d feel safer with the current occupant of the White House as far away as possible from the levers of power.

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    • Yes, Cathy, why is it that the methods seem to flip back and forth, making it hard to feel secure in handling things!

      I agree that 45 is not someone I feel safe with, and as long as he is in power, none of us will be, IMO.


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