Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

Last night’s debates were frustrating.  So infuriating primarily because 45 did his usual lying, while also interrupting every time Biden spoke.  So rude, and yet so typical.  I watched for a while, and then couldn’t stand it anymore.  By then, it was late, as I was watching it online.

  • So when the alarm went off today, I went back to sleep.  When I finally got up, it was still early enough that I could have made it to breakfast, but I decided not to go to the dining room.  Instead I made coffee and wrote a review of Three Perfect Liars, by Heidi Perks.  My first completed book of the week.

  • I have decided that I will allow myself at least one day a week to change my routines.
  • Here we are with another month behind us…and as I add up my reading totals for September, I am not impressed.  Only nine books read!
  • For a couple of weeks, I have been binge-watching The Good Wife.  I am now winding down the final season (7), and looking for something else to distract me from my life.


How are you managing your days, weeks, and months?  Do you search for distractions to help you cope?  Hang tough!



  1. Diane

    Ugh, that debate made us so angry. I was disappoint Chris Wallace, who I respect, could not control Trump. They need to shut off his mic when it’s not his turn to speak. NO RESPECT.

    We recorded The Comey Rule but, I just couldn’t deal with it yet…everything political is so hard.

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    1. Yes, Diane, it was so hard to watch and listen when I just wanted to throw things. Wallace really tried to cope with it all, but his failed efforts showed how uncontrollable the malevolent narcissist is!

      I may have to wait for The Comey Rule, too. I’ll start it and see what happens.


  2. Anxious People arrived at my local library for me today. Since I had company (former student) from 11 (and left at 5!), I sent My Better Half to get it. I plan to start it tonight (if I’m not worn out from yammering all afternoon! LOL) We’ll be reading it together.

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  3. Susan

    I had to *listen* to the debate in another room from the TV … b/c it was too cringe-worthy & maddening to me. Way too much interruptions … I actually hope there are no more debates with them. I did mail in my Absentee Ballot so I have just Voted! Blue all the way. The WH has made the country into a farce …. it’s crazy.

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    1. Thanks, Susan, I wish I hadn’t seen it at all! I did get so angry, and ended up not watching it all. Then there were clips of it everywhere!

      The Comey Rule was okay, but it did make me angry, realizing again that Comey’s actions had a negative impact on the election outcome…IMO.


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