My Coffee Chats are out of whack lately, so this one is either early…or very late. My thoughts are all over the place as we continue to isolate and take our daily lives with caution, while also focusing on books, movies, etc.

Yesterday, Facebook changed its settings, and the look and navigation are a challenge.  One thing hasn’t changed.  They still haven’t allowed me to post from my Rainy Days and Mondays blog.  The message initially reported “abuse,” which is ridiculous, since I was chatting about books.  Today’s message (when I tried again!) said my blog URL was reported as spam.  Hmm.  I’ve had that URL since 2013.

So I did a work around by mentioning the name of my blog, the content of my review, and a photo of the blog header.  No URLs were entered…but hopefully other bloggers can find it.  We have to do whatever works, right?

Meanwhile, my day started in a non-routine way.  Usually I go through certain motions, like making the bed, lining up the clothes I am going to wear, and then jumping in the shower.  Before I do anything else.  Today was backward.  First I went on the computer, posted a review, drank some coffee, and then took my shower.  I felt better!

When life seems to drag along, with nothing but the “same old same old” every day, it is up to us to reshape our world a little.  Or a lot.  As most visitors to my pages know, I have done quite a lot of redecorating…mostly just rearranging things.  Sometimes by adding things; my bookshelves have definitely grown.

I also change up my stack of nightstand books from my unread pile in the entry way (left) to the nightstand on the right:







How do you manage your days through this Pandemic?  If you are still in isolation, what works for you?

Has anyone else found Facebook changes challenging?



  1. One thing I don’t like is change in the way I do things online (blog, etc). Recently Hulu went through an update and it doesn’t feel easy to use (which is the reason for the update, I guess).
    Sometimes its good to change up the personal schedules though.

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    • Thanks, Mary, until I changed my routines this morning, I was about to just turn over and go back to sleep! But then I remembered new books coming, new blog posts, etc., so I had to get up. But changing things made it all a little better.

      I hate the new FB changes! Has your page changed yet?


  2. I am definitely a creature of habit, but every once and a while when I do change things up, like if I have an appointment (rare) or during curbside pick up, they day seems to fly by much faster. You have lots of good books to choose from.

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    • I kept telling myself that I can get through the routines better if I do everything the same way, in the same order, so I don’t have to think about things. LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Diane, and I do love reading how others handle routines.

      I love the anticipation of that stack of books!


  3. I do not have to put up with what you do these times but sometimes routine gets to me. I wonder how many times we have got out of bed, breakfast, clean teeth, do dishes etc. I notice all that more since I retired. I guess when we were working we rushed so much we didn’t notice!

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    • Yes, Kathryn, post retirement routines do get to be tedious, and I’ve noticed it more since I’ve been in this residential community. So many things over which we have no control that make it all harder to do. Staff popping into our apartments too often, for my taste, and without much warning. After a while, we get used to their routines and try to work around them. But some days, I just want to hide under the covers! LOL

      Thanks for visiting. Changing up the routines yesterday helped a little.

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  4. I hope you are feeling well, Laurel-Rain! These times are pretty frightening and on the other hand, pretty annoying! I am not happy that Blogger and Facebook changed things up while I was “away”. But on the bright side, I joined Kindle Unlimited and am happy to have many titles available for the price of less than one new paperback a month.

    I don’t stick to a schedule, lol, which is probably why I’m always making lists to remember things. But I like to shower at night so in the morning I can have my two cups of coffee & checking my emails, then taking dog for a walk. Hope you get your other blogs sorted out soon– good luck!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Rita, and showering at night sounds like a good way to go. Except I seem to need the hot water on my body in the mornings to loosen up my stiff muscles. Sigh.

      I like the idea of relaxing with coffee in the morning.


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