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Another week that seemed to go by too fast.  Here we are nearing the end of August, and with fall on the cusp.  I would love the kind of fall we used to enjoy, but those days are not in the cards for us.  Moving along a day at a time is the best we can do.

I only read two books this week.  I had read half of a book that I spent too much time on before DNF-ing it; I went on to read the two books that I enjoyed and reviewed, but I was still reading the second one today.  Spending too much time on a book that I wasn’t loving is something I need to correct.

I did find myself drawn more to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime; I got caught up bingeing a show that I had noticed in the past but had never watched:  Designated Survivor, a political show starring Kiefer Sutherland.  I am almost finished with it, and loving it.

I also watched the Democratic Convention this week…and I felt energized!

Since nobody in the residence has tested “positive” for two weeks, we were allowed to return to the dining room today.  The schedule will be every other day, and we’ll see how long it lasts this time!

Now let’s grab some coffee and take a closer look at my week.


Tuesday Excerpts:  “The Silent Wife”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Adding to the Hoard…

WWW Wednesdays…

Bookish Friday:  “Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing”

Review:  Paris Never Leaves You, by Ellen FeldmanReview:  Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing, by Allison Winn Scotch



Empty physical mailbox…but I downloaded an ARC from NetGalley and three new e-books.

The Four Winds, by Kristin Hannah – (NetGalley – Release Date 2/9/21)

From Kristin Hannah, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale and The Great Alone, comes an epic novel of love and heroism and hope, set against the backdrop of one of America’s most defining eras—the Great Depression.


New Downloads:

The Switch, by Beth O’Leary


Little Disasters, by Sarah Vaughan


When She Was Good, by Michael Robotham


CURRENTLY READING:  He Started It, by Samantha Downing


That was my week.  I spent a lot of time in my apartment, reading, blogging, binge-watching shows…and sipping coffee.  And photographing my surroundings, like my entry way with coffee on the table, on the left, and the long view that shows the cupboard, the table with shelves of unread print books beneath, and my pottery mail receptacle on the table in the front.









  1. I feel the same way. I love fall normally but with all the talk of how things might get worse with Covid and flu season, blah blah, I’m nervous about it. Which is sad. and you’re right, time is flying! August almost over already? Woah slow down time!!!

    I didn’t watch the convention but I followed the news about it and everything I heard made me feel pretty good. Like there’s still some sanity in our process and not just backbiting and negativity. Of course we’ll get that with the next one lol. But it’s nice to feel good about something again…

    Be well this week!

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    1. I have definitely decided not to watch next week’s insanity, lol. I have books to read!

      Thanks for visiting, Greg, and enjoy your week and the rest of the month!

      Soon we will have to get flu shots, and hope that we can stave off that kind of virus! Stay safe.


  2. Diane

    I have less patience for a book that is not working for me since I’m at the stage of life where time is precious LOL, Four Winds is a definite can’t wait title.

    We watched much of the DNC as well, so well done during COVID times. So many touching moments as well. Looking forward to hopefully, returning to some normalcy and decency. The NH boy that stuttered and was inspired by Biden moved me as did several other speeches.

    Glad you can get back to the dining room soon BTW, we loved Designated Survivor.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Diane, and our first day back to the dining room was a little rushed. They are starting us an hour later, and we only have a half an hour to eat! I’m not sure why, but I’m just glad to be back there. I checked my calendar, and last time we were in the dining room for two months before they sent us back to our apartments. Hopefully it will last longer this time.

      As for Designated Survivor, I see that there are more seasons, but not on Netflix. Maybe later.

      Enjoy your week!


  3. I sense the ending of summer as well – fall is right around the corner! We have been having cooler evenings and I am loving it. I love fall but this year I am more nervous about it, for obvious reasons.

    Good news about your residence!! I am glad that you get to get out of your room and eat in the dining room at least every other day. Yay!

    I found my mom’s Mary Englebreit teapot the other day that she had given to me when she moved, and I thought of you!

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    1. Thanks, Erin, and I am trying to find a few more of the Engelbreit things…she has her own site, but I haven’t checked it out lately. I used to buy her things in local shops. I love her teapots!

      I am eager for cooler weather. It is sticky hot here, and now I think I’ll turn on the AC..

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


  4. Yes… now in late summer, Autumn is knocking on the door – a time I generally dread as I HATE the winter, but I’m hoping we have a lovely September. I loved The Great Alone, so I’m looking at the latest Kristen Hannah with great interest. Have a great week, Laurel:)

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      1. Bless you, Laurel. Thank you for your kind reassurance – it seems I dread winter more with each passing year. I recall my grandfather telling me the same thing when I was a youngster and not really understanding what he meant. I do now I’m the same age:)).

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  5. I’m glad that no one has tested positive at your residence for two weeks and that you can return to the dining hall. So glad!

    You have several books I am interested in reading. I am eager to read The Switch. That author’s first book was quite nice. And did I hear you say something about Paris? Paris Never Leaves You? Quite right. It will be a book I shall be looking for. I think I need to also take a look at your review.

    The convention this week offered a lot of hope for me, too.

    Have a lovely week and stay safe!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Deb, I loved The Flatshare, so The Switch went on my wish list immediately. I loved Paris Never Leaves You…I think you might enjoy it, too.

      Now I am looking forward to big changes ahead via the election. We can hope!

      Stay safe.


    1. I do believe that finishing books should only be for those we love. But this week, I was conflicted, since I liked some of the characters and wanted to continue. Hence, a dilemma. Sigh.

      Thanks for visiting, Vicki, and may we only stick with the books we love!

      Enjoy your week.


  6. Yes, when a book takes more than a couple days it is either really long or I don’t really like it. I try hard not to DNF but sometimes it’s just the way it is. I really enjoyed the Democratic convention. I haven’t been someone who watches or pays attention to politics usually but I am on it this year.

    I’m making peach crisp tonight. My daughter wants me to make more ice cream. So that’s coming up this week too.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

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    1. Thanks, Shelleyrae, I am excited about The Switch and When She Was Good.

      As for the dining room, they changed the schedule to 8:00 a.m., 12 noon, and 5 p.m….and we only get a half hour! I didn’t like that, and neither did anyone else.

      I am hoping they will hear our voices on this one and change things back the way they were!

      Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting.

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  7. Susan

    Which was the DNF book? Sometimes that’s hard to do … I too often keep plugging away at a book I don’t like. The Four Winds looks pretty good. I got revved up by the DNC last week … I thought it was good and I liked the speeches. But now we have to suffer thru the Trumpers & RNC, ugh! It’ll be like nails on a chalkboard this week. Probably best not to listen. Distract yourself with a good book & have a great week.

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    1. The Dark Flood Rising, by Margaret Drabble, was the DNF; I really liked the female lead character, but the story kept switching between her and some other characters that were not very interesting to me. Sigh.

      Thanks for visiting, Susan.

      I have decided not to waste any of my time or attention on the RNC, as Trump is too disgusting to spend time on. We’ve already had to listen to him more than we wanted in the past three plus years!

      It seems like Trumpers are showing up in my FB feed, annoying me with their propaganda. Not good! I have had to block some people.

      Enjoy your week.

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  8. So good you are able to go back to the dining room every second day, at least that gives a small variety. The Netflix show sounds interesting – must see if its on our Netflix. A new Kristin Hannah – I wonder what the Depression era will reveal.

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  9. I’m glad you get to go back to the dining room! It would be hard to go so long without any sort of socializing, and I’m a pretty hardcore introvert! I didn’t really watch any of the DNC but I kept up with the news. The delegate roll call did catch my eye so I watched that later. I loved how inclusive it was! In addition to seeing what each state decided to put in the background.

    Enjoy your week!

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    1. I am also generally okay being isolated, since I am also a hardcore introvert, but after almost six months in isolation, I am starting to feel the void without some kind of socializing…other than texting and video chats.

      Thanks for visiting, Jen; blog visiting helps, too.


  10. SJ

    I usually love fall, but I don’t think we’re going to get out as much as we used to. There are also worries over the kids going back to school. It’s a crazy time. I hope you enjoy your books, and have a great week!

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  11. Kathy Martin

    It is hard to believe that it is almost fall. A friend who visited this week began her new school year today. I still feel like summer is just beginning. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  12. Cheryl Malandrinos

    I’m determined to enjoy fall if I can. Everything about this years stinks. I can’t even spend time on FB because of all the politics. I’m going to stay in my house cooking and baking and pretending the world outside my four walls doesn’t exist.

    The Four Winds sounds good. I hope you enjoy it. I’m reading a couple of books for reviews later in the week.


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  13. Yeah…I am getting better at DNFing a book I am not enjoying. My time is so limited especially since I work full time. I really don’t know what to expect this fall so I’m not thinking about it. I’ll deal with whatever when the time comes, I suppose. Enjoy your dinner in the dining room!

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    1. Thanks, Laura, and I would have stopped reading my DNF book a lot sooner if I didn’t enjoy one of the characters so much. Sigh. But adding up all the scenarios and characters did not convince me to keep reading.

      Enjoy your week and your books. Stay safe and enjoy waiting for the fall.


  14. We had two of our three adult children visit us for a week — first live visit since Christmas. Our son (coming to Massachusetts from Maryland) had to have a test before traveling and quarantine in a hotel till he got the results. I’ve been seeing The Share everywhere lately; it looks good!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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    1. Thanks, Laurie, I am looking forward to all my books…and I hope you had a great visit with the kids. I haven’t seen any of mine for almost six months!

      Let’s hope we all stay safe and enjoy more family time when we get through this Pandemic.

      Enjoy your week.

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  15. It feels like it’s been raining for days. It does feel like fall but with all the rain I’m doing pretty much what I would be doing if it wasn’t a pandemic – staying home. There hasn’t been too much on tv that I’ve cared to watch so my reading has really taken off, particularly with audiobooks.

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  16. I really enjoyed He Started It. The Four Winds looks really good.

    I’m glad you are able to go back to the dining room even if it’s just every other day. It’s a start 🙂

    Enjoy your books and have a great week!

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    1. Thanks, Yvonne, I am actually liking the alternating days, as that gives us a chance to relax in the apartment and not get all dressed up. LOL

      I don’t know what I was expecting with He Started It, but I am enjoying it.

      Have a great week!


  17. I am glad that no one tested positive at your residence.
    I watched parts of the convention last week and plan to watch parts this week. When I see so many disparate reports it helps me to watch more and try to research the facts that are clearly twisted by both sides. Some of the comments and reactions are completely outrageous and makes me distrust the media. I think every year of elections should be considered seriously, but I think this year is certainly a point of crossroads for our country.

    My hubby and I enjoyed Designated Survivor when it was on. They managed to hit on several interesting political issues during the series.
    I find it hard to set aside a book as DNF too. Lots of good books coming in for you this week.
    Enjoy your week, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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    1. Thanks, Martha, it is good to feel like we’re on top of the virus in this residence, even though the rest of the state still has lots of cases.

      If everyone in the state (and the country) followed the guidelines, we could have had it more under control.

      Enjoy your books and your week. I discovered that there are more seasons of Designated Survivor on Netflix, so I will keep watching.


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