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Another great week has sped by, with three books read and reviewed.  One of the books was a NetGalley ARC, my last one to read until September; and another one was a dusty book from my TBR.  A brand new one was a good conclusion to the week.  I only wrote five blog posts this week, however.

We are still locked down, of course, and the alternating days in the dining room are over.  When that will change is anybody’s guess, but since the virus is surging in California, along with some other states, I guess we’re here for as long as it takes.  This week we were all swabbed and await test results.  Hopefully “negative.”

Trying to think of books, movies, and pleasant things…and awaiting goodies from Amazon:  those are my days.  Let’s grab some more coffee and take a closer look at the week.

Meanwhile, check out the pottery bowl that serves as my mail receptacle in the entry way.


Tuesday Excerpts:  “His & Hers”

Tuesday Potpourri:  It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books…

More Engaging Books…

Books from the Backlog:  Another Potential Treasure!

Bookish Friday:  “The End of Her”

Review:  Just Between Us, by Rebecca DrakeReview:  Until I Find You, by Rea Frey – (NG-8/11/20)Review:  His & Hers, by Alice Feeney


Empty physical mailbox!  I did download four e-books.

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing, by Allison Winn Scotch

The Silent Wife, by Karin Slaughter

Imperfect Women, by Araminta Hall

Paris Never Leaves You, by Ellen Feldman



My Pear-Shaped Life, by Carmel Harrington


That was my week.  A mix of familiar things, but with a touch of surprising ingredients in my books. What did yours look like?  One night I celebrated with a glass of red wine.



  1. Literary Feline

    I hope your test results come back negative! Someone in my grandmother’s facility tested positive and that caused quite a scare. So far, no one else has tested positive, including my grandmother, so that’s good news. I love the title Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing. I really want to read the Ellen Feldman novel. I hope you enjoy it and your other new books! Take care, Laurel-Rain! Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks, Wendy, I am definitely hoping nobody tests positive here; some staff members did, but they were not on lockdown. They went home at night, and who knows where else.

      I love Ellen Feldman’s books, and it has been a while since I read one.

      Enjoy your week.


  2. Glad it was a good week! And good luck with your test results. I’m sorry to hear cases are surging there. I remember that brief moment in early summer when it looked like the lockdowns had worked, before things started opening, and now here we are in this mess. Sigh. Yay for Amazon goodies though. 🙂

    Take care and be well this week. And yay for wine! 🙂

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  3. Hope the test wasn’t too awful to have. I guess it is wise to test to double check. When will this all end. Even though we are “free” we’ve been warned to stock up on masks after the surge in Australian. It could happen here too! All the best for this weeks reading.

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    1. I hope the test is reliable, Kathryn; it was a quick swab with a large Q-tip…and results are supposed to be back in three days. I just hope there isn’t a false negative…or even worse, a false positive!

      But I would rather have some kind of testing than nothing, I guess. It is unfair that some people get regular and speedy testing while others wait weeks! I won’t mention any names. LOL

      I’m glad NZ is doing so well…as long as people don’t get careless and think it’s okay to party in large crowds!

      Enjoy your week and your books.

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  4. I hope your test result is negative and you don’t have to endure even more isolation than you already are. In the meantime, keep yourself well-stocked with that wine 😀 I don’t think I need to worry about you being well-stocked with books though!

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    1. So true, Cathy, well-stocked with books here, and the wine is coming in regularly from my grocery app, for those nights when the kitchen fails to deliver any. Sigh.

      Hoping for a negative test result. Their plan here is to test every two weeks, and they did the whole building in one day.

      No matter what, the isolation will continue until there are no positive tests from anybody.

      The Central Valley of California was doing pretty well until they lifted that first “stay at home” order, and people suddenly started going nuts.

      Stay safe and enjoy your books!

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  5. I am sorry to hear there has been a surge in the pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named in California and so tighter restrictions. I pray your result will be negative, too! There have been some spikes here in the UK as well, but not near to me so we are continuing to ease out of restrictions. Glad to hear you have had books, films and pleasant thoughts to distract you from it all. Take care and happy reading for this coming week. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jessica, I am grateful that this happened at a time in my life when I was already situated in a residence with services provided, although sometimes not great service, lol. And the “leisure” to read and watch movies!

      I feel for the young families struggling with their kids and school issues.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.

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  6. Nice haul, Laurel-Rain, I hope you’ll enjoy your new bookish additions 🙂

    So there’s not more dining room at all now? Just food in your place, and being distant all the time? Thank goodness your hobby is reading books and hanging out with us online, yeah? Sending you good vibes as you await your swab result.

    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

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    1. Thanks, Linda, and whenever I think of whining and moaning, I remember that it could be so much worse! I could be trying to work or dealing with school kids. And yes, there is that book and online hobby that keeps me engaged every day.

      The dining room will become a distant memory before we get to go there again! But waiting for the results will be less anxious with so many activities that I enjoy. It’s good to be an introvert sometimes! LOL.

      Enjoy your week.


  7. Fingers crossed for a negative test result. We’re beginning to see a downward trend in our numbers so I hope that continues.
    I’ll say it again, thank goodness for good books! I’ve had a summer cold so have stayed on the couch all week. I read a few books and rested. I’m feeling better this morning so all is well. I hope that the strict adherence to covid rules produce the intended result very soon!

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    1. If only more people would follow the guidelines! I think we could have flattened that curve if they hadn’t rushed to open things, which to some people seemed to signal “go for it! Party time!”

      I’ve had a sore throat in the mornings, but once I drink liquids, it’s good. I kept thinking a cold was coming…or the Virus! LOL. It is easy to imagine the worst in these times.

      Stay well and safe, and enjoy those books.

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  8. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    Fingers crossed on those results. And I am glad you get a chance to get out on the clear once and for all. I am sorry the numbers are on the raise again in your state.

    Stay safe and have fun reading and blogging.

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    1. Oh, yes, Gayathri, I am crossing my fingers…and toes! It will be great when this is all behind us, but I know it will be a while. What a year we’re having, with the election and the threats of meddling that always seem to follow the current administration.

      It would be lovely to enjoy a calm and peaceful world, wouldn’t it?

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.

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  9. Fingers crossed!! I love your pottery bowl! I am a pottery addict. Michigan is holding steady with its numbers, which are higher than I would like – here it is a certain age group (15-19) that keep having parties across the state that are raising them.

    Stay safe, stay strong, and enjoy the wine. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the mixed messages from Washington have given the wrong impressions about what is right and what is risky.

      I had a favorite pottery bowl in my old place, and since I couldn’t go out to shops, I searched on Amazon. It took a while to find this one!

      Enjoy your week and stay safe, Erin.

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  10. I love that bowl and glad that you have a tranche of lovely books. Sorry to hear the infection rates are still climbing, Laurel:((. Glad you are being tested, though – fingers crossed it comes back negative. Have a great week.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah, it would be great to see good results, since we have definitely been following the guidelines in here! No contact with anyone but staff. Of course, five staff members tested positive, so that’s why we were isolated again.

      I had a pottery bowl in my previous residence, and, of course, my “movers” didn’t bring it. LOL. I searched and searched until I found this one.

      Stay safe and enjoy your books.


    1. The kitchen serves red wine every night until they don’t have it…and then I need my own bottle. Actually, the wine I buy is better than what they serve.

      Thanks for visiting, Shelleyrae, and I’m glad I finally found a bowl I like for the reception area. Before I found it, the staff were just throwing my mail wherever, often on the kitchen counter which was often damp from all the cleaning. LOL.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.

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  11. Trin Carl

    Don’t you hate it when your mail box is empty? I have been to a couple ‘friends’ of the libray’ (book mailboxes in people’s yard) But i’ve been surprised to learn that I read a lot of the popular books and it’s been a pass for me.

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    1. Thanks, Kimberly, what would I do without Amazon ordering? LOL. I had to search quite a bit to find what I liked there, and it turned out perfectly for my purposes.

      I am also hoping for a negative result!

      Enjoy your week and your books, and thanks for visiting.


    1. I think so, too, Yvonne…I enjoy Karin Slaughter’s books, even though they are often a bit long. But if a book is fast paced, that doesn’t seem to matter.

      I got a new bottle of wine this week, just in case. I only open mine if they don’t bring any with dinner, but once it is open, it goes fast. LOL.

      I love Ellen Feldman’s books, so I am excited about Paris Never Leaves You.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.

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    1. One person did have it, but they don’t tell us who…privacy laws. What gets me these days is the number of people I see posting things on FB about how the Covid numbers are lies and that the whole thing is a hoax.

      I will try to stay off FB for now, lol, and enjoy the books. I loved Ellen Feldman’s other books, so I’m eager to read this one.

      Enjoy your week, Laura, and stay safe.


  12. We were in Orange County before we came up to Oregon and we were glad to leave. Their numbers were scary even in April. Oregon seems to be doing a relatively good job at keeping numbers down. Of course, the population numbers are wildly different too. I hope all the tests are negative! Enjoy your week!

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    1. Thanks, Jen, I hope for negative results, too. I can’t imagine how I would have contracted it since we were locked down before the numbers were surging. But this virus is definitely mysterious. And there were some staff members who got it. Sigh.

      Enjoy your week, and I love Oregon and Washington. I always wanted to move there…or to Canada!


  13. Sending good thoughts your way in hopes the test is negative! Ohio has been pretty strict with the virus, but I feel like we are getting another surge too. Ugh, I wish people would just do what they are supposed to!

    That looks like a great e-haul! I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Sigh, I know! They are all acting like spoiled children, as if their freedoms are at risk. Try lives at risk! Sometimes I wish I had run away to Canada in the 70s!

      Thanks for visiting, Lori, and stay safe. Enjoy your books.


  14. A Paris book! I saw that right away. Of course I’ll be watching for your thoughts on that one.

    I’m glad you are sitting safe and snug where you are. We don’t get out much…sadly missed our niece’s wedding Friday…but it’s just not a good idea. And you have everything you need where you are, with wine and books.

    I hope you have a good week.

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    1. Thanks, Deb, if only everyone in this country would have that attitude, we could lick this thing!

      I think introverts like us are lucky, since we can handle alone time (with wine and books!).

      Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Candace, books on Paris are always go-to favorites for me, plus I love Ellen Feldman’s books.

      I am enjoying the mail bowl and the little goodies I keep adding to my apartment to help me through the isolation.

      Enjoy your week.


  15. I hope your tests are negative.
    Lovely pottery bowl. I love things like that and especially making positive use of it. 🙂
    I love the sentiment that ‘it’s not hoarding if it’s books”!
    Lots of strong sounding books look good for you.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!

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  16. Susan

    Hi Laurel, I hope you all tested negative. I’ve had the swab test twice and was negative twice, so that’s good. I am still in California visiting my parents in Redlands now, but I leave on Monday. I hope you got a big boost … from the Democratic VP choice yesterday …. Let’s win this one! I was really pumped up by the news. Enjoy your books & wine.

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    1. Oh, yes, I am definitely pumped up by Biden’s pick. I had been disappointed she wasn’t running for the top spot, but this will be even better! She can slide in with him…and then become the first female president in four years. Yeah, getting ahead of myself, but we have to grab our happy moments where we can.

      I tested negative. They don’t tell us about the others unless somebody is positive, and I haven’t heard that yet. Should know by the end of the day. They’ll be testing every two weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and let’s have a great week…month…rest of the year! I opened my own bottle of wine last night, even though they sent some from the kitchen. Mine is better. Smooth. LOL.


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