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Another week is behind us, with some books read and some changes afoot.  Yes, we are now in Lockdown 2, although we never left the first one.  We did have socially distanced days in the dining room on alternate days…but those are over.  Five staff members have tested positive since June…odd how we find out significantly after the fact.  So we are restricted to our apartments again.

  • I was talking on the phone yesterday with another resident, one who shared a table back in “normal” times.  We agreed that it is ironic how we are punished when staff, who go home every night and aren’t under scrutiny, are the ones who didn’t follow the rules.  Or perhaps they were just unlucky.  Much harder to control their behavior, however.
  • I definitely feel for them, but we are still locked away.
  • I was so pissed off at first and had a mimosa to soothe me, especially since they didn’t bring the French toast…and then called a couple of friends.  One who is living “outside,” and the resident mentioned above.  I felt better afterwards.  The mimosa helped.

  • Funny thing, though, letting off steam did remind me that I am glad to be safely tucked away, despite the fact that the dining room is now off limits again.  The worst part about that:  the food has slipped into the inferior category again.  They don’t bring what we’ve ordered, or they just change the order at will.
  • The bread and cream cheese you see above on that tray came from my fridge, my groceries.
  • Another annoying aspect:  we now have to wear masks in our apartments when staff come in to “provide care,” is how they put it.  I immediately jumped on that one, since all they do is deliver things, change the trash, and just interrupt whatever we’re doing.  I finally settled with the administrators that since they come in so often, I will simply put the mask on when they are closer than six feet from me.  That is working so far.
  • I have read two books so far this week.  The Girl from Widow Hills, by Megan Miranda; and The Safe Place, by Anna Downes.
  • Both books were engaging, although a little slower than I like.  Next I plan to read a NetGalley ARC, Playing Nice, by J.P. Delaney – Released on 7/28.  I have also added more hardcover/paperback books to my nightstand (below).

  • That stack is certainly growing, and so is the TBR shelf in my entry way.  My regular bookshelf is also providing great comfort to this bookworm.

  • I didn’t have much of an opportunity to enjoy my new handbag and tops, now that we are stuck in our apartments.  Should I dress up and carry the handbag in the corridor for our one scheduled walk each day?


In case you note the bitter tone in my post, I apologize; sometimes I can remain positive and cheery…and at other times, not so much.  But I am trying to focus on each day…and my books!

Stay safe!



  1. Good morning, it sounds like living senior retirement home like myself. All events have been canceled and supposedly masks are required. We seldom see anyone around the complex except on rent payment day. We got a rent increase yesterday. Kathy, our caretaker has been taking me out least once a week My husband is afraid to leave the apartment. The internet is my contact with outside. Wear your mask and be safe.

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    • I hope so, too, Cathy; and now that another lockdown has begun, I am still suffering from my skin breakouts (an itchy rash!) and worried that the antibiotics prescribed might have side effects! I hate when that happens.


    • I always thought that was important, and we wear masks when in public. In the apartment seems excessive to me.

      I am going to miss using that handbag, lol. Someday? Thanks for stopping by, Mary, and stay safe.


  2. You can give us the bitter tone as often as you like. Go for it anytime, and I am so pleased that a mimosa and chats to two friends really helped. Wow five staff – they should be so checked out better than that. You go on being gutsy and telling them what you think.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I am glad I found my voice, and the chats with friends helped bolster my courage.

      I don’t get how five people tested positive, but then again, the staff go home at night and do whatever they want. So who knows how safe they’ve been?

      Now the administration says we are all going to be tested, but I don’t know how they think that is going to happen, since testing supplies are still scarce, no matter the lies #45 tells!

      Hang in there, and stay safe!

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