Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

As I sip a cup of coffee in my apartment today, I am savoring the coziness around me.  All that isolation led to changes in my surroundings, which resulted in this cozy feeling. We continue to eat in the dining room on alternate days, and oddly enough, that is okay with me.  I don’t crave the full dining room and numerous residents around me.  Funny how that worked out!

  • Almost every day I receive some kind of package…or even my groceries from the local market, compliments of Instacart on my iPhone.  Today will be another grocery day, and I have my list ready.
  • My reading has been enjoyable this week.  Two books read and reviewed so far, and one of them was an ARC for a book that will be released on 7/14/20:  What You Wish For, by Katherine Center, which I loved!
  • I also enjoyed reading The Half Sister, by Sandie Jones.
  • I am currently reading The Swap,which is really good so far, and my new Kindle cover makes reading more enjoyable.  So does the coffee.

  • Of course I miss family and friends…and outings.  But if I stick to my day at a time routines, I manage.  I hope the rest of you are staying safe!
  • Some days, however, I want to jump on a Magic Carpet and find a New Normal that almost resembles the old one.  Hang in there!


Enjoy your week, and stay safe!


12 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: A DAY AT A TIME…

  1. The Swap is on my radar lately so I’ll be interested in your thoughts. I’ve been reading and knitting and trying to keep up with my garden. I planted lettuce, tomatoes and squash. Next year I’ll plant half the number of lettuce plants – that stuff grows like crazy!

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    • I haven’t had a garden since the 70s! I remember how the squash grew, and so did the tomatoes. We had so many dinners with those items.

      Enjoy, Mary!

      I am loving The Swap, set on an island near Seattle. I have been on one of those islands in recent years, and loved it. I think islands make great settings for thrillers.

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  2. What a warm and cozy post!

    Oh man…I would kill to be home in L.A with my Instacart and Postmates and Amazon Fresh deliveries. Here in tiny town Arkansas I’m on my own. LOL But in L.A. I wouldn’t have my Mom, my Mom’s back porch, or my beloved cat so there’s that. I just try to be grateful for the good stuff and deal with the less desirables I guess.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Oh, it’s great to enjoy the things we do have, even if they aren’t what we think we want. I like the sound of that back porch. I didn’t want to come into a residential living arrangement, but since I have my own apartment, I try to create my own cozy space. And I am grateful for the deliveries!

      Enjoy that porch and the cat, not to mention your mom. Thanks for visiting, Jinjer, and stay safe.

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