Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

As I sit at my laptop, with my new breakfast tray behind me, I am feeling cozy and comfortable.  I have read and reviewed two enjoyable books so far this week.  My rearranging of my stuff is on pause for the moment, as I struggle with other issues.  Okay, something to whine about, but in a minute!  But first, here is my breakfast tray, a new one that arrived yesterday. Simple breakfast of oatmeal, juice, coffee, and French Toast.

  • I do love the rustic look of the tray, and while there were several colors, rusty red is a favorite of mine.
  • Books read and reviewed so far:  The Golden Cage, by Camilla Lackberg, a NetGalley ARC, release date – 7/7/20; and The House Guest, by Mark Edwards.
  • The problem I will share is about Facebook…and my Rainy Days and Mondays blog.  I have had that very blog since 2009, and pretty regularly link my posts on Facebook.  But when I tried to link my Hump Day (WWW post) this week, and then the review of The House Guest, FB removed the posts from my FB site and said the posts were reported as “abusive.”  Of course I am disputing this—because why now?  The content was bookish!  I’ve discovered that others have encountered this problem with FB.  So…what to do?
  • So far, I haven’t run into this issue with my other blogs, or even with my FB page for that blog.  Weird, right?
  • Now…I have laid it on the table.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  Stop going to Facebook?  LOL
  • I am excited about my new Kindle cover.  My old one was getting a little beat up, so this new one arrived yesterday.  What a great day of deliveries I had!


That was my week so far.  What was yours like?  Enjoy, stay safe, and watch your step on FB, LOL.



    1. Ha-ha, Susan, I also wondered about that, but every week, I have been posting my “Hump Day Reading”…but who knows? LOL.

      I ordered it from Amazon. I can’t go out and shop, so Amazon is my go-to for almost everything. Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks, Nise, I was stunned to discover that the posts were removed…and that someone reported them? I see so many posts on FB that I find offensive…but I just scroll on by.

      I am trying to enjoy my tray and my books!


  1. So that means someone reported the posts as offensive? That’s so strange after posting there for over ten years. Do you have any recourse? I left FB several years ago so I don’t know how much that happens. I hope you can get some satisfactory answers.
    I would go with the red tray as well. And I love the new Kindle cover.!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I did post my objection on the Community Standards page, where, incidentally, others have done the same and have started their own page about these issues. And they also tell us that FB never responds to their objections! I really wish I could not go there, but FB is where I can most often connect with family and friends during these troublesome times.

      Meanwhile, I am enjoying my red tray and my Kindle cover!


  2. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I can’t understand why your post would be flagged offensive, but as others have said, it may be due to the word “hump.” I’ve seen much worse, though, so it’s pretty ridiculous.

    I love your breakfast tray!

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