Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

My reading week has been slow.  Instead, I am doing my usual rearranging of my space, and this time, it is a little more drastic.  When I moved in here, I turned the closet into a combination closet/shelf area.  But my clothes outgrew the space, which led to moving the little cupboard out and into the entry way.  Of course, everything else had to reshuffle, too.

  • Here is my new look in the entry way, with the jelly cupboard relocated and standing in for the hall tree:

  • And the hall tree is opposite the new cupboard placement:

  • My closet is now dedicated to clothes…Let’s take a look at how it is progressing.  I will add a curtain and rod to cover the opening:

  • As I mentioned, my reading has been slow.  I am enjoying Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown, and hope to finish it today…or tomorrow.
  • Then I plan to start a new book tonight…Swan Song:  An Odyssey, by Lisa Alther, an author whose books I began reading in the 1980s.  And then didn’t see anything from her again until recently.


What has your Thursday brought?  What is coming up next?



  1. Just finished the iced mocha coffee My Better Half brought me for lunch when he made a trip to Home Depot, but I will join you in your discussion.
    I have been reading but also listening to audiobooks. Just finished Lunch with Buddha and liked it even better than Breakfast with Buddha. And now am ready for Supper with Buddha, but guess I’ll have to read the e-book version. I have also started, just this morning, listening to The Henna Artist, one which I read about on another blogger’s site. Was it yours?
    Am in the middle of Anna Quindlen’s Miller’s Creek and am reading a book of poetry recommended by another blogger friend.
    Keeping busy.
    I like your “habit” for rearranging things. Small changes can make big differences!

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    • Thanks, Rae, I agree that small changes can make a big difference. I used to redecorate when I was bored with my space, but I now prefer rearranging things. It takes less time, and obviously less money. Sometimes buying one small trinket can do the trick.

      I haven’t read those Buddha books, but now I’m curious.

      I love Anna Quindlen’s books.

      The Iced Mocha sounds delicious.

      Enjoy your books.

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