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I did it again!  Read my third book of the week after spending all day yesterday and today on it, and finally turned the last page.  It left me feeling the descent of a great darkness, due to its title and its subject matter. See review below!

The books have been good, but now I am feeling frustrated by the poor performance of the kitchen here, which has done it again!  Yes, they are skimping on food and wine.  The shortage of wine is especially annoying to me.  LOL.  Luckily, I have the grocery app, but I hate having to buy my own wine and supplement my food supplies, when they are contracted to provide three meals a day.  I pay a rather large amount for food services!

On to other things:  it is warm here, although it was supposedly cooler today.  Not that I noticed.

Let’s grab some wine…just because I am in need of more!


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Five print books came in my mailbox! 

Sister Dear, by Hannah Mary McKinnon

Ask Again, Yes, by Mary Beth Keane

The Nickel Boys, by Colson Whitehead

Good in Bed, by Jennifer Weiner (reread)

In Her Shoes, by Jennifer Weiner – (reread)


CURRENTLY READING:  The Dilemma, by B.A. Paris – (NG-6/30/20)


That was my week…a very warm one, and a frustrating one, in terms of the residence where I live.  I did enjoy my books…and I am daydreaming about this delightful meal from months ago.  I am missing the delicious soup and the cocktail!



  1. That’s awful about the food. I hope they get their act together. Your books look great. I read Good in Bed years ago and enjoyed it. I always like Jennifer Weiner’s books. Now, I could use some wine too. LOL Have a great week!

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    1. Ha, yes, I am focusing on the wine issue because the actual food is so bad that I hope to feel better with a glass of wine. Now they are being stingy about the wine, and I suspect they are just lying to us, not ordering it, while saying they don’t have any. Sigh.

      I liked buying my own food! I wish we had a better choice, but with the Pandemic, there aren’t a lot of options.

      Thanks for visiting, Yvonne, and I am enjoying my books. Have a great week.

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  2. SISTER DEAR and IN HER SHOES look good. Love the cover on IN HER SHOES.

    ENJOY all of your books, and I hope this week gets better food wise for you, Laurel.

    That is frustrating when you are paying for food and don’t get quality meals.

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    1. I feel as though the food issues get more challenging as time goes by, and now that the Pandemic has kept us in our apartments, there are fewer choices! We’re supposed to be gradually going into the dining room again this week, but I am not encouraged. All the while, the staff in the kitchen have stubbornly ignored requests and suggestions. Even the higher ups are looking the other way, distracted by the health issues. Sigh.

      Thanks for visiting, Elizabeth..

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  3. Oh my so frustrating for you about the service. So how would they feel if you paid them less when the food is bad! Shame them, tell them your friend in New Zealand thinks the USA could and should do better!
    Have heard Ask Again Yes is a good book, will look forward to your thoughts.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and when I put things in perspective a bit, which sometimes happen after I bitch and moan for a while, I do realize these issues are what my Czech daughter-in-law would call First World problems. LOL. She doesn’t say these things in a mean way; she even chuckles a little.

      But now, after all this fuss I’ve been making, I can’t help but think of how much worse things could be…and are for many people.

      Maybe I should take on an attitude of gratitude. But then again, the kitchen staff are not handling it in a way that makes me feel for them…they just seem to get off on the control.

      I have also heard good things about Ask Again, Yes.

      Stay safe!

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  4. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    I hope the service improves, and it is bad that they are skimping on essentials like WINE. LOL. I loved Good in bed and in her shoes by Wiener. So many nostalgic memories associated with them.

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    1. Ha, ha, and yes, Gayathri, the significance of wine shortages does pale in comparison to the larger health issues that loom…which is probably why I am banging on about the food and wine. Sigh.

      I also love Weiner’s books, and buying these two for reread does cheer me up.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


  5. I don’t know what the situation is like for similar residences here in England, and I understand there have been issues with supplies but to simply ignore people’s concerns is unacceptable.
    Although there doesn’t seem to be a vaccine available anytime soon, the restrictions are relaxing so I hope that improves your situation. 💜

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    1. Yes, Flora, I think if there were true shortages, I would feel better about it. I think they just like controlling us by giving us skimpy servings and wine. Alas, enough about that for now; let’s all stay safe and well.

      Enjoy your books!


  6. Hey Laurel-Rain, it has been another very warm week here in the UK, too! I am sorry to hear your residence is letting you down on the food and wine, especially the wine😉, again! I hope they get their act together soon! Thank God you’ve had some books and reading to make up for it though! Take care and happy reading! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jessica, I am very glad about the books and about the movies I’m finding online. I will try to stop complaining for a bit and be grateful that we are staying safe and well…for now.

      Hang in there and enjoy your week.

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    1. Thanks, Mary, and now I think I should stop complaining so much, as there are far bigger worries all around us. But then again, those huge worries are probably triggering the food frustrations.

      I am looking forward to The Nickel Boys…and I’ll try to be prepared for the difficulties.


  7. Shortage of wine is a definite problem, especially in these crazy times lol. Seriously though, I am sorry to hear the kitchen is falling down on the food and wine. That’s not good… I’d be frustrated too! Hope things improve.

    I miss restaurant meals big time and have been ordering more takeout to make up for it seems like! Which is not good as I should be eating healthier, I suppose! I hear you on the soup!

    It’s supposed to be warm here this week as well. Hope you have a good week and that your reads are good again this week!

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    1. Thanks, Greg, if they were seriously short on things, I guess that would be understandable, but I’m not buying it. I know they have regular big suppliers who keep things coming in…and I just suspect that they are doing their usual “cheap food is better for the bottom line” routine.

      Until I find some unexpected power source for the consumer here, I guess I’ll just say mean things behind their backs, lol.

      I will then turn to my books. They are a great source of pleasure, and Amazon hasn’t failed us yet! Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


    1. Thanks, Laura, when we feel we have no voice, we rant a little for our online friends, and it does help us feel better.

      We might make a very sorry protest march, since we are locked down still…and staying six feet apart. LOL.

      Enjoy your week and your books, and the heat!


    1. I agree, Sophie, definitely unacceptable! I have that grocery service and ordered more wine. They delivered within three hours. LOL. Of course, that feels like I’m buying my wine twice: paying this place, and then supplementing their lack by paying for more. Sigh.


    1. I do think I will have to speak to the Head Cheese here, but I can already hear her making excuses for them. It would have to be someone higher up, State Licensing perhaps. If they saw our skimpy servings, they might find excuses, too, like “portion control is good.”

      Hmm, letter writing. Not a bad idea. I could photograph the skimpy servings to attach to my emails. Thanks, Kimberly.


    1. Thanks, Carole, and the kitchen was pretty subpar even before the Pandemic. The lockdown has made it worse, as the staff bring trays to our apartments. The menu is even skimpier than usual because of that.

      Thank goodness for reading!


  8. Urg! It sounds as if they are taking advantage of the situation to stop providing the service for which you are paying. And yes… if might be a first world problem – but being rooked for something you’ve paid up front for is an ongoing issue around the planet, it seems to me. I hope your books in the coming week are thumping good reads, Laurel:)).

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    1. Thanks, Sarah, I appreciate your assessment and totally agree. My kids are up in arms about it, but what can they do? I guess they could call and send letters, but we’ll wait and see what happens. I’ve talked to a few people, and surprise! Tonight I got a very full glass of wine!

      Who knows what will happen next, though, so I’ll keep my guard up. LOL


  9. Trin Carl

    Glad you got some great reads. I added a few of thrillers. I’m loving ghost books, so if you have any recs, send them my way


    1. Yes, Diane, I like the part of being older that allows us to speak up, squeak our wheels lol, and get results. Hopefully. Tonight I did get a nice big glass of wine.

      The food wasn’t as bad as usual. Although I will keep my eyes on them and keep squeaking.


  10. I enjoyed Sister Dear, and I’m still on the wait list to read Ask Again Yes from my library. And that soup does indeed look delicious! The rest of the family doesn’t enjoy soup as much as I do, so I’ve gone without for quite a while. Enjoy your week!

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  11. That is very frustrating. I wonder what recourse you have. I hope there is someone to whom you can voice your concerns who will have the ability to make corrections.

    On the other hand, it does look like you have had a great book week. Look at all those books in your mailbox. And you finished a lot of books, too. Yes, a great book week.

    I hope things will get resolved for you soon.

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    1. I have talked to various staff members, and things do get better for a little bit…like tonight, they brought me a large glass of wine.

      The food isn’t any better, though; lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Deb, and enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Cheryl, I have always felt like an advocate for people living in places like the one where I live, dating back to my early social work days when my clients were senior citizens. I vowed never to be in that situation myself, for all the good it did! lol

      Sometimes we don’t have control over these things, but now that I’m in this position, I definitely voice my concerns. Sometimes they hear me for a little bit.

      Enjoy your week and your books.


    1. I agree, Jinjer, and when I do complain to staff members who might have an impact on the kitchen, things get better for a minute or two, lol.

      Like they brought me a large glass of wine tonight.

      I am enjoying my books and I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Definitely! I believe in how wine can make poor food better. Thanks for visiting, Nise, and yes, my granddaughter and daughter have both sent wine and treats over.

      Good books make up for a lot of things, too.


  12. Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf

    You received such a diverse range of books. I hope you enjoy them all and hopefully get to sit down and relax with a good glass of wine. 🙂

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  13. I’m sure your residence will rebate you for lost services! Ha! Yes, wine is a necessity for me these days. Some outdoor group activities are starting up around here, so I’m hoping to have a few evenings out this summer instead of every evening in with a glass (or two) of wine or a cocktail!

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    1. Oh, yes, wine is a necessity….and cocktails, too, but we don’t have those here! I am missing my favorite restaurant with a margarita or martini. Oh, don’t get me started. LOL.

      Thanks for visiting, Laurie, and I hope you enjoy your summer evenings.

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  14. Susan

    I’m sorry about the Kitchen there, which seems very frustrating. Gosh if I don’t get my drinks at the end of a day — I’m a basket case! I can relate. They shouldn’t be skimping. But it seems your reading is on a roll. I want to read Ask Again Yes — so it’s back on my list.

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  15. I’m sorry you are struggling with the quality of food and wine. Has the quality been impacted by the stay-at-home orders?
    Our weather is warming up too.
    You received some good books this week.
    Happy Reading!

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    1. Not really, Martha; the food has been pretty bad for the whole year I’ve been here. In the dining room, there is a possibility of requesting a special order, and that helps. We are slowly returning to the dining room, staggered numbers on alternate days. Let’s see how that goes. LOL.

      Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


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