Good morning!  Let’s gather around with our caffeinated beverages to chat about our weeks, our books, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous to see what others are sharing.

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted a Coffee Chat.  I’ve been sidetracked onto other events, both bookish, etc.  My Post-It notes reveal much about my viewing habits lately…and also the books I have pre-ordered.  My regular viewing now includes I Know This Much Is True, based on the Wally Lamb book.  New episodes come on Sunday nights.

  • I continue to love The Good Fight and Mrs. America.  Tonight I started watching a series that I have savored in the past:  Lipstick Jungle, which I found on Amazon Prime.  I used to have the boxed DVDs.  Sigh.  I am drawn to comfort reads and viewing lately.  Familiar books and series.  I have added more old favorite books to my shelves, too, like Anne Tyler’s The Clock Dance.
  • This week I have read and reviewed The Girl in White Gloves, by Kerri Maher; and Little Secrets, by Jennifer Hillier.
  • Today I started reading Jennifer Weiner’s memoir called Hungry Heart.  I’m really liking it so far.  I can add it to my list for the Nonfiction Reading Challenge for which I have already completed four of the six books I signed up to do.
  • My shelf is filling up!

  • Since we can’t leave our apartments, except for scheduled walks in the courtyard, I am keeping those packages coming from Amazon. This week I bought some new shams and pillowcases to cheer me up.  They make reading in bed more fun.






  • On Sunday, I enjoyed a cranberry juice mimosa.  My daughter sent over a bottle of Champagne, along with a bottle of wine, which I haven’t opened yet.


I am continuing to focus on a day at a time, and choosing comfort reads, viewing, and other activities.  How have the rest of you been staying safe and well?



  1. Love that you are buying a few things to change up the room and make it feel comforting. We just moved out a little now and all shops are open. I saw one of my sisters today and a friend dropped by. I both liked it and didn’t! I loved that secure sense of just enjoying a quiet life! But it was lovely seeing them. My youngest sister is a hairdresser and she brought her scissors with her!

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    1. Ooh, lucky you getting a hair trim! I am looking forward to that. My daughter does hair…but we still can’t have visitors here in the residence.

      So…it’s on with the comfort of solitude and spiffing up my surroundings. LOL

      Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and stay safe and well.

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    1. Thanks, Nise, and I once had so many Boyds’ dolls and bears that I had to stash some in storage. But I still miss knowing that they are there! LOL

      I hope to see more people/family soon, but I will wait it out as long as necessary.


  2. Add me to the list of those comfort reading and watching tv. I think making your surroundings comfy and cozy is a great thing to do. And now I want to try a cranberry mimosa!

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    1. Perhaps this terrible Pandemic will teach us something about enjoying our comforts! And the moment.

      After my surgery, I couldn’t tolerate orange juice…too acidic. So I started using cranberry juice in my mimosas. For some strange reason, the alcohol content doesn’t bother me. LOL

      Thanks for visiting, Mary, and savor your comforts!


    1. Oh, believe me, I was in dire need of that mimosa, Lianne. Being on lockdown means there aren’t a lot of cocktails. LOL

      I do love that I’ve had the opportunity to add to my shelves. Enjoy anticipating that vacation for when we are all “released.”


  3. Oh, how nice of your daughter, such a kind thing to do. And I love the idea of adding accessories to change the room and add some joy to your life. It might be time for me to try that too.

    I’m mostly reading new to me books though I did read a few old faves. I’ve been watching a lot of fave shows and movies. I saw an article recently that said people with anxiety, which I have, use re-reads as a way to comfort themselves because the book is predictable, we already know what will happen and can anticipate. I’d think that would apply to rewatching tv and movies too.

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    1. I completely agree about the comfort and predictability of old books and movies. I rely on the familiar these days, and I’m glad you are finding solace in them, too.

      Enjoy your week, Bea, and stay safe and well.


  4. My life is even more boring than usual. I am watching the Netflix series, The Grand Hotel and have watched several films having something to do with autism. Two were documentaries, one a novel in which Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock starred. It was nothing like the book, but it was a great movie.
    Go figure!

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