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Another week has passed, and while I am still enjoying the time for reading, movie watching, etc., I am frustrated by the inability to get my hands on things I need.  Supplies as simple as my Lactaid milk or tea bags.  The staff said they would send someone out to shop, but that was three days ago.  Meanwhile, my daughter brought over a few things.  We can’t see each other, of course; no visitors allowed here!

  • Amazon availability of items is not good right now.  Some things can be had in a few weeks.  I haven’t been able to get bottled water, or even the water purifying pitchers that are sold everywhere…until there is a supply shortage.
  • I am sure that my feeling of panic is connected to the poor management of everything, from the government to the facility where I live.  The meals they bring to the apartment are cold and not at all appetizing, with poor selections.  When I think of how much money I pay them every month, I feel angry.  It was bad enough before…and now it has gone to worse than bad.
  • I am trying to lose myself in my books, and finished And They Called It Camelot, by Stephanie Marie Thornton, which I loved!
  • I just finished a new episode of Little Fires Everywhere.  Apparently Hulu brings a new episode every Wednesday. 
  • A couple of nights ago, I watched a Margaret Atwood documentary on Hulu, which I really enjoyed.

  • I am loving the opportunity to continue rearranging my apartment.  Here is what I have done this week: A view of the desk/computer station on the left, and bookshelves on the right.

  • Another view of the shelves and the TV…

  • Changes in the entry way…

  • My obsessive/compulsive tendencies are out in full force, lol.
  • What to read next?  I am leaning toward Heaven Adjacent, by Catherine Ryan Hyde…
  • And now I am whining…does that make me an “entitled bitch”?  Or just a frustrated one?


How are the rest of you handling the pandemic/isolation?  Any special ways of dealing with things?  Hang in there, is what everyone keeps telling me.  That works.  Or maybe it doesn’t.



  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. We’re in lockdown here in the UK as well, only allowed out of our homes to buy food or medicine or for exercise. It’s making me appreciate things I took for granted before – a trip to the cinema, meeting friends for coffee, browsing in a bookshop. I’m heartened by reading about things people are doing to help others in their community. I hope your books and films can help distract you just a little in the coming weeks.

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    • Thanks, Cathy, I am glad you can get out to shop, at least. Ever since I moved into this place, exactly ten months ago, trips to the store became a luxury. But at least I could go there. But I also realize that nowadays outings of even the simplest kind could be dangerous.

      Let’s hope that while we are on lockdown, reading, etc., we all stay safe until we can resume normal lives!

      Stay safe!

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  2. You are not being an “entitled bitch”. You are however entitled! You pay a lot of money as you say. Make a fuss!! I identify about the Lactaid milk. I’ve put in an online order but we are only allowed 2 of anything. I think the Catherine Ryan Hyde book will most likely be heart warming.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I often forget that, at our ages, we are entitled to make a fuss! Thanks for reminding me of that.

      I kept fussing until finally one of the staff went to the store and found Lactaid, tea bags, and water! Of course I only got one Lactaid and one package of tea bags, but two waters!

      I agree about the Catherine Ryan Hyde book.

      Let’s hope that we will finally get enough of what we need…and stay well.

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  3. I don’t understand the shortages and I don’t understand the grocery stores being packed every single day. Carl says it’s because people don’t trust the government and feel they need to have a LOT of supplies on hand. A friend who works at Target says people are coming in there buying clothes and items to decorate with, etc.

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, I’ve never understood hoarding during a crisis, but I do understand not trusting the government.

      I am hoping the craziness will subside, but until the pandemic is over, it probably won’t.

      Hang in there!


  4. I don’t blame you for whining, this is our new normal for a while though. The continued shortages are frustrating, but it really is safer to stay at home.
    I’m not sure how to handle the food issue other than to refuse to accept it cold or demand an alternative, and lodge a complaint each time? Or order via Uber eats and present the home with the bill?
    I haven’t left the house in 12 days because I’m still coughing a lot, I don’t really mind so much though it is annoying to have to rely on my husband for grocery shopping or errands.

    Be well xx

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    • Thanks, Shelleyrae, I am so grateful for books and bloggers, the only reason I feel somewhat sane, lol.

      I’m pushing for things I need and getting some of them! Who knew?

      I don’t have the Uber app, just Lyft. I need to explore these options in the spare time I now have, thanks to isolation! Lol

      Stay safe and feel better!

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  5. I hope you’ve managed to get your lactaid milk and tea bags by now. I’m going out this weekend to look for kleenex and coffee.

    Yah, I’ve had NO luck with buying supplies from Amazon. I was able to order Mom’s Tylenol via Walmart, but it’s a good thing she didn’t need a new bottle right away because I ordered it last Sunday and it just shipped yesterday to arrive Tuesday. I think I have kleenex arriving on April 1st, also ordered last Sunday. Luckily we’re not completely out of that yet, either. I’m just trying to time everything so that when we do finish the last of something, a new supply is ready and available. If it was just me, I wouldn’t care so much, but I’m responsible for a 92-yo and that’s kind of scary right now. I know some in Government would say she’s expendable, but to me, my Mom is everything.

    Cold meals are unacceptable!!!! I hope they’ve got a better system going by now and your meals are arriving hot and tasty.

    We’re all going to be whining and bitching about our situations at some point so don’t feel bad about it. We will all have good days and bad days. Right now I’m personally having a good day on the back porch with my coffee, my neighbor’s cat, and my friends in the blogosphere.

    Little Fires Everywhere is high on my watch list for the weekend! How do you like it so far?

    Hang in there!!!!

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    • Thanks, Jinjer, and I am furious at those in government who think older people are expendable! If not for us, where would the millennials get their dose of wisdom?

      I am loving Little Fires Everywhere! I was happy to discover that new episodes come regularly on Wednesdays.

      I am trying to time my Amazon orders, too, and luckily, after much prodding and fussing, I got my Lactaid, some teabags, and some water! Now for toilet paper, lol. Actually, this place provides some of that…but it is rather inefficient. One ply? LOL.

      I did get hot coffee from the kitchen today…but just in case, I had brewed my own pot. But I see that I need to find some to order. Amazon?

      Hang in there, and enjoy your time with family and books.

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