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A week of lockdown has had some good moments.  More reading, of course (three books read and reviewed), and some good viewing on Hulu.  I finished the three available episodes of Little Fires Everywhere.  Plus, as with most bookish people, my alone time is rejuvenating.

With meals delivered to my apartment, I am looking around and changing a few things…again. The bookshelves that were in my entry way were problematic when staff kept coming in, sometimes two or three at a time, and some of them bumped into the bookshelves, disrupting my nice arrangement!  So here is what I did today:  I moved the shelves to a corner across the room…completely opposite from the entry way.

I hope to continue enjoying this solitude, with more reading; it helps ward off the anxiety over the virus.  I have also learned to avoid the White House briefings everyday, which do nothing to make me feel better.

Let’s grab some more coffee and take a closer look at the week:


Tuesday Excerpts:  “Been There, Married That”

Tuesday Potpourri:  Books & More Books…

Coffee Chat:  Our “New Normal”

Bookish Friday:  “Cross Her Heart”

Saturday Potpourri:  Coping…

Review:  The Other Mrs., by Mary KubicaReview:  Eight Perfect Murders, by Peter SwansonReview:  The Missing Sister, by Elle Marr



Empty physical mailbox!  But I did purchase a download.

Cross Her Heart, by Melinda Leigh ( Bree Taggert -#1)



And They Called It Camelot, by Stephanie Marie Thornton


That was my week.  What did yours look like?  Check out my Saturday morning breakfast on a tray: Simple, but something I can eat at the computer.



  1. I’m curious about Little Fires Everywhere ever since seeing the book all over and thinking it sounded good. And yes I love my alone time haha! I’m all for keeping it that way too lol!

    Same w/ the White House briefings. Ugh talk about a disaster. Unbelievable… it would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

    Anyway take care and have a good rest of weekend!

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    • Thanks, Greg, I loved the book Little Fires Everywhere, and the series is awesome so far.

      Those White House briefings are full of lies and misinformation.

      I hope the virus is defeated, but I’m not unhappy about the alone time.

      Enjoy your weekend.


  2. I think of you often Laurel Rain. Especially as I went for a walk today. Even though over 70’s here have been told to stay home at least I can go for a walk without touching anyone else. Take care and as we say here Kia Kaha. (Be strong). Oh I keep meaning to ask you did your grand daughter stay here or did she go home when this all burst out.

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  3. I am loving the break as well. I am catching up on books and tv shows. And surprisingly I am getting things done too. Why haven’t we thunk of this sooner right?

    Hope you are being safe!

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  4. Lovely to read your upbeat post and to hear how much you’re enjoying your reading and viewing. Here in the UK, we’re all being advised to practice social distancing and stay at home except for trips to buy essentials so, as well as from books, I’m finding solace in my garden and watching the birds that visit it.

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    • Thanks, Cathy, I do miss being able to go to the store, but I believe that staff will run some errands for us, and today I’ll be able to do some laundry. Usually laundry service is provided, but that has been eliminated for now.

      We must adjust! Meanwhile, I’m rearranging furniture again!

      Enjoy your garden and your books!

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  5. Usually, when I see a book I like on a blog, I immediately look for it at my library. Now I’m adding it to my wishlist instead.

    I’m glad they are helping you stay safe by bringing meals to your apartment. The meals look good.

    And I’m like you, a person who enjoys my solitude. Somewhat. I do miss getting out and seeing people. Thank goodness for my blog.

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    • Thanks, Deb, I am grateful for books and blogging, and I’m enjoying the online world for movies. Amazon is a great way to shop, too, a habit I developed after moving here.

      The room service meals in my apartment are a great way to eat while reading or watching a movie.

      When this virus has gone away, we might discover that we like these new habits.

      Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks, Shelleyrae, what a difference a week makes! But I’m pleased at how books, movies, and blogging have helped me with the isolation…and I am energized by my rearranging obsession. LOL.

      Enjoy your week and your reading, etc.


  6. Yes, I’m still enjoying Outlander which is still full of adventure and romance. And I’ve also had a marvellous reading week. I love your reorganisation of your books and I hope you have another peaceful, rejuvenating reading week:)).

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    • Thanks, Sarah, I have always loved rearranging things, and when I get the urge, I just go for it. Long ago I found ways to do the work myself without a lot of strain, by taking all the books off the shelves and “walking” the furniture across the floor.

      If I had to wait for someone to help me, it would never get done! LOL.

      I am glad you have a series you enjoy. I have never watched Outlander or read the books, but now I’m intrigued.

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      • Outlander is on Amazon Prime and I’m not a huge fan of historical romances – but this one has me by the throat and won’t let me go. It doesn’t hurt that the young Scots hero, Jamie, is absolutely GORGEOUS:)).

        What a smart way to move things around! Take care, Laurel.

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  7. Thanks for the reminder – I’ve got a meal box from Dinnerly coming this week! And I may need to check out the meme you’re with for Monday. I’m enjoying interacting with blogs more than ever while at home for days on end 😉

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  8. So many great looking books on your list. That’s great that you’ve been able to do some reorganization. This is the perfect time for me to settle into my new home more, but I’m constantly distracted by the news. The daily news briefings are hard to watch sometimes. I need to read more 🙂

    Have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Yvonne, I am savoring my books and curling up in my cozy space. The news in those briefings, IMO, is a mixed bag of information and full-out lies from the man who was so slow to react. I like finding the news from reporters I trust.

      I hope you can settle into your new home and enjoy the social distancing.

      Have a great week.

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  9. I like the new furniture arrangement. I am always trying to improve things in the house setup. You read some great books this week. I hope you enjoy Cross Her Heart. I thought it was excellent, and really enjoyed it.

    Have a healthy week and enjoy some good reads!

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  10. Hi Laurel: I’m glad you’re enjoying Little Fires Everywhere …. I have read the book so I will need to find the series! We’re still watching Season 3 of The Crown and Season 8 of Homeland. Liking both as usual. (Made it thru Season 2 of The Affair … so many more left!) The Peter Swanson book looks like a good page-turner to keep our minds off of real life. The Liar in Chief is impossible to watch on the news — now more than ever. For escape: Enjoy your reads.

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    • Thanks, Susan, Little Fires will drop more episodes every Wednesday until it is finished. Good news!

      I love The Crown…and Peter Swanson’s books have turned me into a fan.

      I saw all of The Affair and really enjoyed the conclusion. Some of the interim seasons were less appealing, so I’m glad they had a good finish.

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  11. I’ve realized in recent years that I’m more of an introvert so staying home and reading/streaming is pretty much my norm. Of course, I miss visiting my family but we FaceTime almost daily which is a wonderful perk of modern times. I’m making progress on my NG list too. Have a good week!

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    • Thanks, Mary, technology is definitely a plus in these horrific times. Introverts do have an advantage, don’t they? Some of the residents here were freaking out about the lockdown because they aren’t comfortable with “alone” time. I’m so glad to have that gift of being an introvert! LOL.


    • I listened to a podcast by Rachel Maddow in which she urged networks to stop airing them live, since they increase anxiety…and are full of lies!

      Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I am glad to skip those briefings. Enjoy your week, and stay safe.


  12. I’m glad you are doing okay. I am also avoiding White House briefings and any other time our President speaks. I prefer to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about. I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks to fill the time I would normally be watching baseball. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  13. Yes, the White House press briefings are a shitshow (sorry for the language, but I feel it’s appropriate at this time :)). Our governor has daily briefings and I find them 1000% more useful. My son’s been home a week already, but we just started homeschooling today. I’m learning a lot, lol.

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    • Thanks, Stacy, and I completely agree with your descriptive label for the briefings…BTW, we didn’t have one today. Would that this is a new trend rather than an oversight! Some newscasters are recommending that the networks stop the live shows…as they are disturbing and full of lies.

      Enjoy your reading.

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  14. What a lovely space you have! Life is surreal right now, and I’m grateful for you and all the other book bloggers who have kept posting and are providing this sheltering environment now, when it’s so needed! My book blogging has taken a backseat to other activities for so long, that I’m almost embarrassed to be coming around visiting again, so thank you for your continued presence!

    It just started snowing here. I’m hoping to spend some time this week tidying up some of my reading spots, in hopes of getting back to reading and blogging more regularly.

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  15. Hi Lorraine,

    I have to agree with so many of your fellow commenters, that life feels so very surreal right now.

    Tonight’s Downing Street message, has announced a partial lockdown, with all but essential shops being closed, together with all leisure activities, with the exception of parks, which can be used for exercise once a day, but with no more than two people together as a group.

    In these early days I am finding it quite difficult to adjust to being at home all day, every day and I find myself wasting time doing nothing – apart from trying to find a supermarket which actually has some food, but doesn’t have a queue a mile long, full of numpties who can’t bear to stand 2 metres apart from me!!

    Reading and reviewing has been taking a back seat, despite my best intentions of ramping up my blogging output. I really do need to get a new routine in place and knuckle down, so watch this space!

    Melinda Leigh is a new to me author and I see that you have chosen to go back to the beginning of the series with your reading, which works for me too. Really liking the sound of ‘Cross Her Heart’, so thanks for sharing.

    Stay Safe during these troubled times 🙂


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    • Thanks, Yvonne, luckily, I am a person who likes hanging out at home, reading and watching movies. But I also love going to stores and restaurants. I am trying to focus on the part of me that loves my hermit side for now.

      Hang in there!


  16. Like the look of how you placed the bookshelves. I was cleaning out my pantry today to organize it. I would hate to buy something that I already have at the house when so many are struggling to find what they need. I am going a bit stir crazy, but staying home is best.

    Eight Perfect Murders sounds interesting. And they Called it Camelot looks neat too.

    Hope you have a good week. Praying you stay healthy and safe.


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    • Thanks, Cheryl, I am loving the bookshelf placement, too; whenever I move things around, I am either compelled by boredom or something isn’t working. In this instance, during my isolation here, staff members came in twos and threes quite often, and some of them kept bumping into my shelves, which were in the entry way. Of course I realized that wasn’t a good place, but I hadn’t considered the spot where I ended up putting them. Necessity is definitely the mother of reinvention.

      Enjoy your week and stay healthy and safe, too.


  17. I like the new furniture arrangement and it is nice to hear you are more upbeat this week.
    Solitude has some advantages for a time anyway. And nice they are delivering your good meals.
    I haven’t read Melinda Leigh yet but I have one book on Audible I hope to listen to soon.
    I hope you have another good week.

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    • Thanks, Martha, I am grateful that I have had years of practice staying at home and spending time with my books. The advantage that we introverts enjoy.

      Have a great week…and I recommend Melinda Leigh’s books.


  18. I am glad you are coping with your lockdown. I’m trying to relieve my anxiety by reading some light books and a few romance happy ending reads.

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