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I feel as though a lifetime has passed since my last Coffee Chat, since every day since has brought so many changes in my life…in all of our lives.  We have gone from a “no visitors” policy here in the residence to total lockdown!  Yes, we can’t leave our apartments at all. 

  • Doctor’s appointments are allowed, but only emergency ones.  My annual physical has been cancelled, and so has my dental hygiene appointment. 
  • The lockdown to our apartments started yesterday, after lunch in the dining room.  We said goodbye to the friends we won’t see for who knows how long. 
  • Fortunately, we bookish people can find numerous things to do in our alone time.  Stacks of books to read, and, of course, there is blogging.
  • Old habits die hard, though, and I’d become so accustomed to coming and going:  calling Lyft, heading to a restaurant, or just enjoying being out and about.  It’s hard to believe that I could do all of that as recently as a week ago.
  • The news is so depressing that I search for it online and scroll through when “enough is enough.”
  • On the positive side, I can sleep later, and I am still in my PJs this morning.  I will change later, but now I am enjoying how I used to do mornings in my former home…ten months ago?  Coffee at the computer, slowly planning out the day.
  • Breakfast (and all our meals) will be brought to our apartments.  We choose what we want from the menu given the day before.  However, judging from last night’s dinner, we are in for a very sub par performance.  I guess they need to adjust, too, but why would they forget the coffee and two items I requested?
  • Luckily, I have my own food in the fridge, but the last time I shopped, shelves were emptying out rapidly.  Even Amazon cannot help with all necessities. 
  • Lest I turn this into a pity party, I did finish reading a book yesterday that kept me totally engrossedThe Other Mrs., by Mary Kubica.
  • The night before, I watched a movie on Prime that I enjoyed:  Bombshell, with Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, among others.

  • I hope to watch Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Maybe today!

  • I am reading Eight Perfect Murders, which I’m loving.  Thanks to all the downloads I haven’t yet read, along with the print volumes that came from Amazon over the past few months, there will be no shortage of reading material!
  • And then there is my recent apartment rearrangement.  I am enjoying it, and was it prescient of me to do it before the lockdown? My new desk setup in a corner is by a window that faces lovely gardens which should bloom soon.  (On the right side of the photo you can glimpse the window.  Later I will snap some photos of the outdoors).


So our “new normal,” unpleasant and anxiety-producing though it may be, does present opportunities.  For reflection, for reading everything we own, and for learning ways to cope.  How are the rest of you?


18 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: OUR “NEW NORMAL”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in lockdown, although I’m sure the decision wasn’t taken lightly and only for the good of you and others around you. Here in the UK we’re still in the social distancing phase, except for those with symptoms (luckily not me or my husband at the moment). However, it’s a worrying time for everyone as we go through things we may have only read about – and in fiction at that! I hope you continue to get pleasure from looking at the garden and your stack of books. Like you, I have no shortage of reading material.

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  2. I think I’ll start watching Little Fires Everywhere. My sister started it and said it’s worth watching. My mom is also in lockdown at her residence but she’s in the memory care wing. We call and explain what’s going on each day. So far she’s handling it better than I expected.

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  3. Oh I’d love to see the movie Little Fires Everywhere, I did enjoy the audio of that. Ah really that sounds bad! Total lockdown. We all know it keeps people safe but… being confined like that will be so difficult. I know you are able to keep yourself entertained but still. Do you have a little outside area you can go to or not?

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I think you’ll really enjoy Little Fires Everywhere. The actors (Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington) are fabulous. I only finished the first episode so far, but I’m eager to get back to it.

      As for being on lockdown, I enjoy my reading and blogging time in my apartment. In fact, going to the dining room like I did for two meals everyday took away so much of my time! I realize I didn’t really enjoy that as much as I tried to believe. I do have a window looking out at the courtyard and gardens…I had just moved my desk next to it. Prescient, right? Like I knew I would need that view.

      But going out and walking, going to restaurants and bookstores…I do miss that. In fact, last night I had such a wild dream! Somehow I was in Sacramento and meeting friends of my ex-husband. We were all having a wild adventure…lol. And then I realized I wasn’t in my apartment and told them I would be kicked out. They said “no worries, we’ll take care of you.”

      I then came awake abruptly, jumped out of bed, and got on the computer. Wow! Right?

      Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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      1. Oh how the unconscious works! I think it must be very hard not being able to go outside. They should do something about that. Like allowed out singly for at least 20 min. Just my opinion!!

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  4. It’s a scary time for sure! If everyone would do what they’re supposed to do, we’d get over this much faster. Have you tried to get a local grocery store to deliver?

    We’re at home but can get out to walk, etc. I have plenty to do for the time being but am having trouble focusing on books. 😦

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, that’s a good idea about getting a local store to deliver! I’m going to check into that. Otherwise it isn’t too bad. Now I realize how much time I lost during dining room meals, and that a lot of it was forced socializing, lol.

      I’m glad I’ve spent so much time in making my space comfortable.

      I hope you find your focus!


  5. Your lockdown situation is really interesting! I feel for the people who are not into books or watching Netflix and are feeling claustrophobic. But, what can you do? The managers/owners can’t have one person galavanting around town, bringing back the virus to everyone else, right?

    I hope your flowers bloom soon! That will be lovely!

    For me, here in Arkansas with my 92-yo Mom, nothing has changed at all, really. She’s refused to leave the house for a couple of years now and the only place I really go is the grocery. I’ve worked from home for almost 4 years now, so, same, same and same.

    I haven’t been to the grocery since March 13th and will need to go this weekend. It will be interesting to see what is on the shelves and what is not. We have plenty of toilet paper but need meat, produce, dairy and Cadbury mini eggs.

    Hang in there!!!!

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    1. Thanks, Jinjer, my biggest worries are when we can get supplies that were missing when I last visited the store, before the lockdown. The staff here will take a list from us and shop…but how will we know what is available? I thought about Amazon, and their grocery connections, but the supplies might be low there, too.

      Luckily, we do get food here, brought to our rooms (like room service!), since we can’t leave to go to the dining room. The longer I stay here reading, blogging, and watching movies, the more I realize that going to the dining room took up too much time! And the introvert me really hated getting up early, getting dressed, and socializing with people that weren’t always very pleasant. LOL.

      I am glad I rearranged my apartment last week!

      Enjoy your weekend.

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      1. When I was on your blog just now I forgot to mention that I love how it looks. Really lovely. And I can totally relate to your constant rearranging. Just this past week I moved my bed and stuff around and the next day moved it back! Ugh. LOL

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      2. Thanks, Jinjer, I do love the distraction of rearranging, and the feeling of new that comes with the changes.

        Usually I am satisfied with my changes for a while, but I am always studying my space to see what else to create. LOL


    1. Thanks, Sonia, and I am so grateful for books and movies! I am loving the alone time, as socializing in our dining room here was not the way I like to connect with people. We are a forced community, not one we choose.

      Enjoy your weekend and stay well.


  6. Susan

    Hey Laurel, I agree : you can’t watch too much of the News now. It’ll make one’s head spin into a dark dark stupor. It’s better to try to stay mentally okay with books & movies and things that make one happy. I too just watched Bombshell …. and was quite blown away by it. They all — especially Charlize — did wonderful jobs with their roles and really made a powerful impression. Hope you liked it …. despite the very Creepy behavior by the Fox management!

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    1. Thanks, Susan, I LOVED Bombshell. I also watched and enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. There are only three episodes available right now; can’t wait for more!

      And yes, seeing the news and that Liar in Chief trying to act as if he has done a great job with this when he hasn’t…well, it does make me want to hurl. LOL.

      Enjoy your weekend.

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