Earlier this morning, I changed my blog header here and included a photo (on the right) that showcases my book creations, center, and some red and beige beads that have their own story.

It all began on a hot night in June 1970.  A friend and I decided to go to a party hosted by some graduates of California State University at Sacramento.  Our alma mater.  I had just finished a year of graduate studies and my friend knew some of the attendees.  We plotted out our “look” for the event, and part of mine featured those beads.

Like many of us back then, we were trying on new ideas…and those included a new way to dress.  I didn’t get the beads in one of those little shops that I would later discover and explore, but because of the events of that night in June, these would become part of a sentimental journey.

That night I met the guy who would become my second husband and the father of my two youngest children.

Yes, sentimental journeys often begin unexpectedly and feature mementos, like the beads…or other accouterments.  Those beads have followed me ever since, and I have moved a lot!  As you see in the photo above, they are draped over the cupboard door…and now (below) they have moved slightly to another door of the same cupboard.

In that first summer, I wore them a lot.  And then I decided that they would be better off displayed on a favorite piece of quirky furniture…after all, some of my necklaces have had unfortunate accidents. 

I am actually surprised that they have lasted this long, given the number of times I have moved (fourteen times in the 1970s!), followed by several moves in each subsequent decade.

I didn’t acquire the Jelly Cupboard until the 1990s, when I was decorating my A-frame house in the foothills.  Note the sign over the front door:  CHEZ RAINE.  Another sentimental object that followed me.

After I left the foothills, I brought the sign to my condo,, where it showed off in my dining room.

Now it “decorates” my bathroom in my studio apartment.

Books, dolls, photos and other treasures have joined me on my sentimental journey.  These collections have dwindled to a few select things…smaller spaces do dictate that choice.  But whatever comes along for the ride has some unique story.


What treasures, if any, follow you on your journey?



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