Almost two years ago, I wrote my last One Word post about my selection:  CONNECT. 

Dated February 14, 2018, I talked about ways I once connected (in college), or at work, and how much harder it is now.

The word CONNECT always reminds me of how different my life is nowadays…and how, back in college, connecting was not something you really had to think about.  There were so many new people to meet, and classes to attend with potential new connections.

In my career as a social worker, connecting with people was a daily routine, although my role in these interactions was quite different than it was in college.  I was a listener, a guide, an advocate…and I came to relish the role.  Not something that works for me now, though.


Of course, in today’s world, we have online opportunities, and I’m not negating the value of social media.  Without it, I would  be truly isolated.  But I have to go outside my comfort zone to find real-life connections. 



Well, imagine how something totally unexpected and life-changing has made connecting in a whole new way both possible and life-affirming. My life took a nose dive earlier this year due to an unexpected illness. hospitalization, and surgery.  I was uprooted from my apartment and I am now in a residential senior citizens facility.  Fortunately, I am in the independent section, but a community dining room and several activity centers are a kind of “enforced connecting” that took that particular decision out of my hands.

I have my own apartment, of course, and can choose not to go to the dining room or any of the activities.  But, in light of my desire to connect more, I am suddenly facing lots of opportunities.

In the dining room, some of us have chosen a big table with six residents, and we are discovering lots of ways to interact with one another.


So that is where I am on this journey…still trying to connect, and discovering new ways of doing so.

How are you managing with your One Word?


8 thoughts on “REVISITING MY ONE WORD…

    1. Thanks, Kathryn, It has been hard for me to go there very often. I go for breakfast (usually, although I opt out for family time). I stay in my apartment for lunch. I also skip dinner occasionally. Hmm, maybe I’m not connecting enough. But I do feel that an introvert like me, who has lived alone for many years, has to have that peace provided by alone time.

      The big dining table with people who are pleasant and even laugh at my jokes (LOL) is a nice way to reinforce the connecting.

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