Now that I have moved to a much smaller space, I am searching my photo files to resurrect some old favorites…things left behind.  Like Disney characters; old books (behind the doll are the first three Nancy Drew books); and the little doll center stage that suits my quirky needs.

Then I love spotlighting some Disney characters with my Kindle.

Like my love of my favorite objects, I enjoy changing up the blogs.  Like this one, for starters.

So…I have a new look on this blog…again.  Some familiar images, and then the one in the middle makes me smile.  A reading woman surrounded by books!

My restless spirit thrives on seeking out these images, and changing things up in my surroundings.  A little obsessive?  Probably, but who cares?  LOL

I am also buying up hardcover and paperback books to grow my bookshelf.  It will never have as many books as I once had, but if I fill it up, I can call it a library…sort of.

Here is today’s progress, with recent additions.  I also have two stacks of unread books that will show up here soon. I am prepared to cut down on the photos shown to allow room for more books.


Now…I am off to read more books for my Nonfiction Challenge…and an e-book thriller.


What obsessive (or simply routine) tasks are keeping you busy today?



  1. I love switching things up and around too. I think it is just the sign of a creative mind! 🙂

    Could you hang your photos on the wall? If you aren’t able to to nail things in, maybe do a banner with pretty photo hangers and hang it that way? We hung our Christmas cards this year on a garland of stars I picked up at Target, and strung them from our curtain rods. Just an idea, if it helps! 🙂

    Today I finished up finally, putting Christmas away! I put Wyatt’s new tent where the Christmas tree was, and moved his play kitchen into his room. So I guess I am redoing things too. He spent all day either in the tent or in his room “making cake”.

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  2. I don’t spend a lot of time on my interior of my house, well except I knocked down a couple of thick cobwebs that had become obvious! However as you might know I am obsessive about fabric and quilting and so have been doing that today, its like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

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