Lately, I’ve been thinking of different kinds of journeys, including the Yellow Brick Road shown above.  I enjoyed spotlighting these trinkets on my Baker’s Rack at my previous residence. 

Then I added some plush images to the grouping.  I have taken lots of photos of them in various positions and featured them on my website, my blogs, etc.

The close-up below shows the versions of the Oz characters in plush and resin.

Sadly, I no longer have these “dolls,” now that I have moved to a smaller space.  But I am very happy to have the photos in my files to spotlight the metaphorical journey in my blogging/website world.

Below, my header at my website, with my creations (books) and the Oz characters in the center, remind us again of journeys.


Yesterday, I changed my blog header here, with my little creatures taking their position on the right side of the banner.



The Wizard of Oz theme popped up again last week as I watched the movie Judy, on Amazon Prime, starring Renee Zellwegger as Judy Garland, remembered especially for her role in the original Wizard of Oz film.


Do you have favorite images/themes/trinkets that symbolize your personal journey in life and in blogging?  How do you showcase them on your blogs/websites?



  1. It’s good you have the photos and can put them on your blog even if you don’t have them anymore. I don’t think I have any, I do have a couple of things I now have on my bookcase to remind me of my sister I lost in 2018 to brain tumour, she so loved books too and so they are at each end of my bookcase. But I haven’t featured them on my blog. A thought for next year!

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  2. I love those Oz characters! I started watching the movie when I was very young and watched it and Cinderella every year. I still watch them and still love them. Two of my favorite movies of all time!

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