Here we are again, rambling on about our thoughts, our feelings, and our perspectives.  Join our host at Bookishly Boisterous,  to see what others are chatting about.  Let’s grab some coffee and share.

Since this is my birthday week, I’ve been enjoying the bounty that goes with that occasion…shopping with my gift cards, having lunch with friends, and this Saturday, dinner at my daughter’s house.  My week has been a good one with books, too, although I’ve only finished reading and reviewing one book so far:  Good Girl, Bad Girl, by Michael Robotham. (Click title for my review).

  • I am almost finished with Queen Meryl, by Erin Carlson, which is a fascinating peek at the life and career of the iconic Meryl Streep.
  • In between my reading, I’ve been watching Prime movies and a few new episodes of The Ranch on Netflix.
  • My blog header obsession continues.  I created a new one at Curl up and Read.

  • My lunch on Wednesday was Corn Chowder and a Mimosa at Mimi’s with my friend Barbara. I forgot to take a photo, but here’s what that delicious soup looks like:

  • Today will be another one with Amazon packages, as I’ve ordered some DVDs that I “lost” in the move (sold, given away by others, lol).
  • Of course I couldn’t bring all of my movies and books…not enough space.  And if I hadn’t been “under the weather,” I could have had more control.  But that’s how it goes.
  • The silver lining:  it’s so much fun to pick and choose what to order from Amazon, and I now feel like it’s a birthday every week.


What has your week been like?  Are you enjoying fall and upcoming holidays?



  1. Happy birthday!! It sounds like you have some great stuff lined up. 🙂 I’ve started to donate a lot if my physical media and replace my favorites with the digital versions – Kindle books and movies on Amazon. It’s not my favorite way to do things, but it is saving space in my small house. 😦 And I buy/keep physical copies of my very favorites. Enjoy refilling your collection!!

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