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My routines are humming along, not quite what they used to be, but close enough that I feel comfortable.  Just when I thought the moving was finished, I prodded my daughter into bringing copies of the books I’ve written.  So she finally did…and here they are, lined up in my little Jelly Cupboard.  You can find out more about them here

  • I’ve  read and reviewed two books so far:  My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding, by Wendy Wax, and  California Girls, by Susan Mallery. I have started my third one:  The Last Widow, by Karin Slaughter.
  • I love fall!  Even though we still have hot days, some in the triple digits, the promise of crisp days and colorful leaves gives me an extra burst of energy.  Note the fall leaf in my blog header!

  • I can’t believe the weekend is almost upon us.  My weekends are different these days.  In the mornings, I head to the dining room for breakfast, which is my favorite meal here…and then, back to my apartment for reading, blogging, and a little movie watching.  On Amazon Prime, I find movies from the past…they seem to be calling to me.  Plus, I added Season I of the Mary Tyler Moore Show to my list.  I’m loving the familiar scenes and dialogue from that 1970s show.  Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda, recently passed away, and Mary has been gone for a while, so watching the show brings them alive again for me.
  • As it cools down outside, I plan to walk around out there, which is more fun than stepping the hallways.  The gardens here are lovely!  I will photograph them soon.
  • I am still finding the silver lining these days!
  • Last Friday I enjoyed lunch in a favorite place with a favorite person:


How are you spending your days?  What gives you energy each morning?



  1. I’m so glad you’re finding the silver lining and hope it continues. I think my favorite meal is breakfast – or at least the coffee that gets my day started 🙂 This past week has had me doing a lot for my mom which included checking in on her home (4 hrs away) and then checking in a couple of times with her at her memory care home. That’s only 45 minutes away so very doable. I just treasure the time we have together while we can. I managed to finish one book so far this week: This Tender Land which I really liked. Have a nice weekend. I look forward to pics of the gardens!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, I’m glad you can spend quality time with your mother, and I am grateful for the time my family can spend with me.

      I am also glad that I can enjoy coffee again, and I’m looking forward to spending time in the gardens.

      This Tender Land sounds good.


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