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After spending some time rearranging things on my blogs, I felt like reading some of the books that have been languishing on my shelves for a while (mostly my Kindle).  Today I read and reviewed Kristan Higgins’ book Good Luck with That, which I enjoyed.  Then I started reading Best Beach Ever, by Wendy Wax, which I bought in May 2018.

  • In my new residence, I am finding ways to work around the food issues by requesting things that are not on the menu…lol.  Sometimes it works.
  • It also helps to befriend the kitchen supervisor!
  • Last weekend, I had two outings in local restaurants, thanks to my son Brett’s visit here.  On Sunday I had spaghetti, half of which I brought home for the next day.  Does it seem like spaghetti would be a “forbidden item”?  For some reason, I have no problems with it.

  • I haven’t had any doctor visits for a couple of weeks, but that reprieve is about to end.  I have an appointment for an ultrasound on Monday.  But my granddaughter Fiona is taking me, and then we’ll have dinner.  I like combining these “unpleasant” outings with something we’ll enjoy afterwards.
  • My new best friend is Amazon!  I’ve always enjoyed ordering from them, but receiving items in the mail is a real treat these days.  It is especially helpful since I can’t jump in a car to go shopping like I once did.  I’ve ordered all kinds of items to set up my little household.  Things you might take for granted, like ziploc bags, saran wrap, paper clips, and a stapler.  Also…books!  This paperback is one I’ve been waiting to buy.
  • My granddaughter Aubrey is settling into her new “home” in New Zealand.  I am eagerly checking her FB page for photos.  Nothing so far!


How has your week unfolded?



  1. That spaghetti looks DELICOUS!! YUM!!

    Good thinking on making friends with the kitchen supervisor. 🙂 Does she read books? 🙂 🙂

    Your place looks wonderful. Sorry you can’t get to the store, but it’s good you can order things on line.

    Take care, and thanks for sharing your activities.

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    • Thanks, Elizabeth, sometimes I shop by catching a ride with someone, or I use Lyft. But I really like getting things in the mail.

      I will also go to a food committee meeting, hoping we can have more options.


  2. I know people love to hate on Amazon but I’ve always thought how great it is for people who find it difficult to get out – or for people who live in very rural areas. The access is fantastic. I love the idea of pairing a fun meal after a not so fun appointment.

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    • Thanks, Mary, having Amazon deliveries is especially great now that I am limited in my transportation. They deliver everything right to the front desk, and from there I get a personal hand-off…with a signature. Like in a hotel. LOL.

      I am a fan of treating myself after unpleasant tasks.


  3. Laurel, thank goodness for close family members who will go on outings with you! I love to get packages in the mail, and we belong to Prime, so we get free shipping and 2 day service. Do you belong? I know my husband was getting grumpy about it because they keep raising the cost of it over the years. We order all sorts of things on it that aren’t books!

    I know you are having health issues but didn’t know that you had dietary restrictions. That pasta looks so good and my only guess as to why it would be forbidden would be a spicy red sauce?

    Enjoy your books! Have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Rita, and yes, I am a Prime member! Loving it.

      Spicy foods are on the “watch list,” but I found that Olive Garden’s meat sauce spaghetti has not set off any alarms so far.

      Finding just the right foods is a constant challenge, though, and sometimes I am affected and don’t know what set me off. Sigh.

      Have a great week.


  4. That spaghetti looks so good! I love Amazon for most of my household items and so many other things. It’s so easy to click “Add To Cart” but it sure is bad on the bank account. That’s ok, if I didn’t spend it on Amazon I’d spend it somewhere else. 🙂

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