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In the last three months, my life has been topsy-turvy, and as I resumed my reading and blogging activities, I barely wrote two or three posts a week and reviewed the same number of books.  Then I started looking at my blogs and my sidebars and decided that they needed some reorganizing.  When did we last have a Bloggiesta? Instead of waiting for that event, I did move a few things around.  That will have to do for now.

  • Today I have an appointment downtown and will be taking the Lyft all the way there.  It’s not a doctor appointment, but something to do with business.  I realized that I haven’t ventured there up until now.
  • Tomorrow night, my #2 son and his wife will be coming to visit…and then we’ll go to a nearby restaurant with my daughter and son-in-law.  I do love outings that take me out of this place.  Even though I like how my little apartment has shaped up, it can be confining.






  • Every day is a challenge, choosing foods that will assist in my readiness for the eventual surgery.
  • Books are helping, and so far this week I’ve read and reviewed The Comforts of Home, by Susan Hill, and My Ex-Life, by Stephen McCauley. (Click titles for reviews).  Both books had been languishing on my Kindle for up to a year.
  • Last night I started reading a book I just downloaded, the ninth in one of my favorite Cozy Mystery installments:  Telephone Line, by Julie Mulhern.  I like that the book will be a quick and light read, a good one to take on my journey today.

  • I had planned to read The Lady in the Lake next, as I enjoy Laura Lippman, but I barely got three pages into it when I decided it wasn’t the perfect book for me for today.
  • My NetGalley ARCs have been whittled down to four, all releasing in September and October…so I didn’t hesitate when offered a new one that will be coming out in January: Big Lies in a Small Town, by Diane Chamberlain.  I can never resist her books!


That’s my week so far.  What does yours look like?



  1. It sounds like you have been busy spending time with your family which is good? What’s a bloggiesta? I’ve been busy planning a TBR for the Disability Read-a-thon. It’s not until October, but it’s never too early to plan! Have a great week!

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  2. Ah I can understand how necessary it is to break away from the confining feeling. The books sound good and while I haven’t read Julie Mulhern I’ve notice a number of bloggers enjoying her book. I accepted the Diane Chamberlain book as well, I was so surprised it was even offered to me but… very grateful too.

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  3. Your positive attitude is inspiring, Laurel. I hope you were able to accomplish what you needed at the appointment. Glad you have a fun outing or two planned. This is the first I’ve heard of the new Chamberlain book. I’ve only read a couple of hers and enjoyed them both.

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, I had a lot of August books from NetGalley, so the lower September and October releases feel like a gift.

      I hadn’t imagined being in a senior living place, but I’m grateful that I’m in the Independent Living section so that I can come and go. Visitors are wonderful. Lyft is also a good thing.

      Enjoy your weekend.


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