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Three months ago I began this strange new journey.  A journey to reclaim my health and transition to a different way of living, from my residence to the routines I have created.  I have fought against some of these changes, but overall, I am beginning to refocus my attitude.  This way of living was not one I had imagined for myself, but sometimes we can be surprised by how we can embrace new things, even those that we initially reject.

  • I am still waiting for my body to be ready for the surgery that should have happened almost three weeks ago…but didn’t.  While I wait, I am starting to read and blog more.  I get out and about with old friends and new friends.  I look ahead to family and friend events.  My #2 son and his wife, as well as my daughter and her husband, are planning a dinner out with me on August 16.  My son will see my new place for the first time.
  • My granddaughter Aubrey has started the first leg of her New Zealand adventure.  Here she is hanging out with two of her brothers on the beach at Jalama before taking off.

  • This week I have read and reviewed Dear Wife, by Kimberly Belle, and Someone We Know, by Shari Lapena. (Click titles for reviews).
  • Last night I started reading Careful What You Wish For,  by Hallie Ephron.
  • On the weekend, I binge-watched the seventh and final season of Orange is the New Black...and Season 7 of Wentworth.
  • I’ve been going through the smaller collection of DVDs that I brought to my new apartment…watching and enjoying…

  • My #1 son, who lives in Prague, is impressed and has elevated my residence here up a notch for bringing in one of his favorite entertainers.  (My son has done a little Elvis impersonating himself, in Europe).


So, on to another day and then another weekend.  What have your days and nights been like?



  1. My home computer has been down to for two weeks now and counting. I have been reading a bunch, plus I do some crafting. I finished the bookish life a Abiee Hill this week I really enjoyed it! Then I read The Kissing Quiotent which is really steamy but a light, fast, read. Now I am back to my usual fair reading A Dangerous Man by Robert Crais. I started it yesterday and my finish today it is a really rip roaring fast thriller per usual! I love Elvis Cole and Joe Pike!

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  2. Diane

    So glad to read you are settling in. I find sometimes change can be overwhelming but that when I finally just accept it, things have a way of working out better than anticipated.

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  3. We’ve been dog sitting our older daughter’s golden doodle while they are on vacation. She’s a sweet dog and very well behaved and I’ll probably miss her a lot when she leaves on Saturday. I haven’t had much time to read this week but I started Ellie and the Harpmaker. It’s a netgalley copy and I also used an audible credit so I can listen while doing other things. Hoping to get it read before Sunday. We’ll see.
    I love your attitude about all the change your life has undergone. Let us know how the Elvis act is!

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    1. Thanks, Mary, sounds like you’ve had a delightful house guest. Are you taking photos?

      Your book sounds good.

      I’ve had to work on my attitude since my dramatic life changes, so I can now chalk these changes up to more “life lessons.”

      Enjoy your week.

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  4. Sounds like you are settling in and making the best of the new situation. Go you. I hope your granddaughter enjoys her travels in New Zealand when she arrives. I had a DNF book and it put me off my reading stride. So I had a couple of days of no reading to try and get my mojo back!

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  5. I’ve always been a “go with the flow” type so change doesn’t bother me much, but I do know some people who do not like even a tiny bit of change, so I’m glad you’re adjusting so well.

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  6. I guess your body is on it’s own schedule. I can imagine it would be a LITTLE BIT frustrating!

    Ughhhhh your granddaughter is too cute. How fun to be her age and off on a New Z trip!!!!

    What did you think of the final season of OITNB?????

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