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Here I am, late again with my post.  I spent most of the weekend binge-watching Season 7 of Orange Is the New Black (the final season!)  And then I watched half of Season 7 of Wentworth.  Another happy fact:  the newest season of Aurora Teagarden started last night, too.

This week was another series of days reading, not much blogging, and trying to find just the right foods to eat.  Then the arthritis in my left hand flared up and one of the nurses came by to help wrap and ice it.  Sigh.

I did enjoy two books this week, and wrote one blog post.  Let’s take a peek:


Monthly Wrap-Up

Review:  The Missing Years, by Lexie ElliottReview:  Our Little Lies, by Sue Watson



Empty mailbox, but I downloaded one e-book.

Someone We Know, by Shari Lapena

“No-one does suburban paranoia like Shari Lapena–this slowly unfurling nightmare will have you biting your nails until the end.”
–Ruth Ware, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10



Currently I’m reading Dear Wife, by Kimberly Belle.


A riveting new novel of suspense about a woman who, in a fight for survival, must decide just how far she’ll go to escape the person she once loved

Beth Murphy is on the run…


That was my week.  What did yours look like?



  1. I’m sorry that your arthritis is hurting you. ☹️I hope it improves soon. This weekend I took part on a read-a-thon and got a good chunk of ‘IT’ by Stephen King read. I hope to finish it this week. Have a great reading week!

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  2. Kathy Martin

    I’ve read all the Aurora Teagarden books but haven’t seen the TV show. I’m sorry to hear about the arthritis. I hope your hand feels better now. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with arthritis. It’s a cruel disease. I hope you are feeling a bit better.

    My husband has been having bouts of acid reflux and he’s been trying to adjust his foods to help that problem, so we know about trying to figure out just the right sorts of foods.

    Dear Wife looks spooky and scary. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts about this one.

    I hope this week is a good week for you.

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  4. I hope your arthritis isn’t too painful. Get well soon!
    I have the Aurora Teagarden movie on my DVR. I also need to watch OITNB and Wentworth. I’m looking forward to both of them. Have a great week!

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  5. Having to watch the food that is ingested can be difficult, and makes eating out too difficult. Hopefully though will do the trick and you can have the Op and go back to yummy! Ouch to the arthritis, I don’t have it bad yet, but the grumbles of signs.

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  6. ejmam

    I am the world’s worst binge watcher, so I am impressed. I finally finished Person of Interest (after taking three years to watch the first two seasons because I tend to only watch TV while I fold laundry) because my son came home from college and joined me to watch it even without laundry.

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    1. Thanks, ejmam, I must admit that I love binge-watching…some shows more than others. I first got hooked on a show called Damages, with Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Rose Byrne, etc. I couldn’t stop watching. Mad Men was another favorite.

      Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Diane, it is slow progress with my hand, but at least I can type today.

      I am also looking forward to the Shari Lapena book…and today I got a book I had pre-ordered by Hallie Ephron (Be Careful What You Wish For).

      Enjoy your week.


  7. Literary Feline

    I hope your hand is feeling a bit better, and you’ve had a good week overall, Laurel-Rain. This was my daughter’s last week of summer break before the new school year started. I took a couple days off and we’ve been enjoying these last few days of freedom. I got in some decent reading time as well, although never as much as I would like. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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