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What a week!  First of all, I’m late to the party.  But the week was supposed to begin with a gall bladder surgery, only that didn’t happen.  A laparoscope inserted along with a camera revealed inflammation (still!), even though all indications were that the antibiotics had done their tricks earlier.  So…I continue to have the gall bladder, but also had anesthesia, a breathing tube, and now have four incisions that still hurt!  I’m now very much afraid of what the actual surgery will feel like.  If they ever do it!

As you might guess, I didn’t get a lot of reading or blogging done…and as I type this, I realize that I’m long overdue for a manicure, as my nails are hitting all the wrong keys!  LOL.

I’m also off coffee for a couple of weeks, so I won’t tempt us with a cup of Joe as we discuss the week.


Tuesday Potpourri:  Changes…

Coffee Chat:  Back to the Drawing Board…

Review:  The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, by Abbi WaxmanReview:  Things You Save in a Fire, by Katherine Center – (NG-8/13)



Empty mailbox! 

I did download one e-book.

The Lady in the Lake, by Laura Lippman

The revered New York Times bestselling author returns with a novel set in 1960s Baltimore that combines modern psychological insights with elements of classic noir, about a middle-aged housewife turned aspiring reporter who pursues the murder of a forgotten young woman.


Currently, I’m reading The Missing Years, by Lexie Elliott

The French Girl captivated readers with a twisting tale of psychological suspense. Now author Lexie Elliott heads to the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, where a woman’s tangled family history comes back to haunt her…

An eerie, old Scottish manor in the middle of nowhere that’s now hers.


That was my week…what did yours look like?  No interesting foods for me, since a bland diet is the new normal.  But I still dream of the goodies of the past, like this margarita:



  1. Oh no sorry to hear about the delay. I hope though that when they are able to operate it’s not too bad for you. I remember my incisions from a couple years ago but then they had me hopped up on painkillers lol. Thank goodnes for those!! Anyway I hope it all goes well for you!

    Lady of the Lake and The missing Years both looks quite good.

    Have a nice week!

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  2. Hopefully the actual surgery will be no worse than what you have been through. Fingers crossed! I think you enjoyed Nina far more than myself, I wish I had read it rather than listen to it. I will read the Katherine Center book next and am really looking forward to it.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that the surgery didn’t go ahead! What an annoyance for you. Fingers crossed it won’t be long until they can actually remove it.
    Rest easy as you recover from this weeks procedure. I hope you get your manicure and manage to read a good book.

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  4. Oh Laurel, I’m sorry to hear the procedure couldn’t be done. I hope some extra time will take care of the inflammation. In the meantime, books can help you escape the land of no coffee and bland food. Have a good week!

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  5. Oh dear. I remember years ago when my gall badder acted up during a cruise. Lots of back pain and learning foods to avoid. My laparoscopy surgery went very well. Of course, like having children, you sort of forget the pain after time.
    Watch your diet and I hope you get back to reading soon. Have a good week.

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  6. Sorry that the gallbladder is still with you and you have more bland diet days. There has got to be a way to check for inflammation without the total prep. Hope the pain subsides and you are able to get some reading done while you wait. Do you have a date set in the future?

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  7. So sorry to hear about the delayed surgery. I know how awful gall bladder problems can be. I had emergency surgery to remove mine a few years ago, and the surgery itself wasn’t too bad, but the antibiotics were horrible. I hope everything goes well, and I’m sure you’ll feel much better once the procedure is done.

    I’ve been reading Lady in the Lake and enjoying it, though not as much as I’d hoped. The Baltimore setting was interesting, since I lived there for a few years in the early ’70s. Lippman is certainly a good writer, though. Hope you enjoy your reading this week, and that you feel better soon!

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  8. I’m so sorry to hear about all you went through. I hope things get better soon. I’m also off coffee for a few months due to stomach issues, I already miss it.
    The Lady in the Lake sounds good! I’ll want to read this one too.

    I hope this week goes better for you than the previous one. Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, the good news for me: the process of what they did as well as the recovery are what I can expect when they actually remove the gall bladder.

      We’re going to wait a bit and see how things progress…and maybe do more scans.

      Enjoy your week.


  9. The Cue Card

    I can’t wait for the Lippman book. I’ll be curious what you think. A bland diet is rough, sorry you have to be on that, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

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    1. Thanks, Susan, the doctor is now saying that maintaining a lowfat diet should be enough from here on out. A real challenge, since the food prepared in this facility is not exactly the right kind. Sigh.

      Enjoy your week..


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