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Some of you may have read about my disappointing surgery outcome…a non-event, except that I had several little incisions, a sore throat from the breathing tube, and assorted discomfort from anesthesia.  The laparoscope camera revealed a risky landscape in my interior, so it is now back to the drawing board.  Sigh.

  • Now I am choosing to consider the days ahead as an opportunity to finish more books…and some other items on my to-do list.
  • This morning, I went to downtown Clovis to have coffee with a friend at La Parisienne cafe, a cute little bakery-cafe.

  • I loved viewing the final episode of Season II, Big Little Lies, but now I’m hoping for another season.
  • Yesterday, my daughter brought over a small case with several of my favorite DVDs (from the hallway shelves on the far right that held around 800 of them at my former place ):

  • Here are around 100 of them, old and new:

  • I do love binge-watching favorite movies.


That was my week so far.  What did yours look like?  Now I’m going to watch today’s episode of General Hospital on Hulu.



  1. I started BLL and really enjoyed it- the setting alone is stunning. I need to finish the first season so I can move on. Sorry to hear about your surgery outcome- it’s so frustrating when it’s our body and we can’t control things. Ugh. Best of luck!

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  2. jeneaw41

    I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope they get it all situated for you soon. I will have to check out Big Little Lies soon. It looks really good. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  3. The Cue Card

    Yeah I was real sorry to hear of your surgery too — but hopefully you can heal up so it can be fixed later.

    I saw the Big Little Lies season 2 finale — it seemed a short season and now I want more! For the most part, I liked it and thought Meryl Streep’s character made the perfect unstable villain. I’m guessing there will be a Season 3, especially if they ended by going to the police, right?

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about the surgery, I hope you recover soon.
    Last week, I finished ‘The Shadow of the Wind’ Carlos Ruiz Zafón and I thought it was wonderful. The best book I’ve ever read. Now I’m getting through ‘It’ by Stephen King. It may take me a while! Have a good reading week!

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