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Happy Fourth of July!  I started off the day with a text message exchange with my eldest son in Prague, updating him on events here…and learning of his upcoming weekend trip to visit medieval castles and wine crypts in Czechia.  I enjoy these vicarious excursions.  Now I am eager to check out the photos they capture.  Soon, I hope.  The rest of my day will be about reading, watching movies, etc.  This week I have been arranging better transportation, including Lyft services.  Not having reliable or readily available transportation does require going outside the box at times.

  • So far this week, I’ve read and reviewed A Good Enough Mother, by Bev Thomas, and The Better Sister, by Alafair Burke. (Click titles for reviews).
  • As I was scrolling through Facebook, I found another photo captured at granddaughter Aubrey’s graduation from California State University at San Diego.

  • As I check out my recent posts, I notice a primary focus on my recent transition and the changes in my life…and in my space.  Hopefully I will move outward to include the rest of the events in my life.
  • I am currently reading The Friends We Keep, by Jane Green.  I’ve also been following the Book to Movie feature of Jane Green books on Lifetime.
  • Big Little Lies has captured my attention, too, and so has Season III of The Handmaid’s Tale.
  • Now…let’s take one more peek at my space where I curl up to watch movies:


How has your week unfolded?  What are you planning for the weekend?



  1. Reading, wa!king, coffee, tv watching, cooking. Fourth of July. Trying a cappuccino by dunking a chocolate fudge popsicle in my coffee. Have a relaxing day and enjoy Lyft to get where you want to go!

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  2. I hope you enjoy the 4th and celebrate along with your country. Seems like you have found some good viewing to keep you coming. I want to read the Jane Green book but will wait till I can get it in paperback. I can only get hardback at the moment. Did you feel the earthquake where you are or are you too far away to have got a shake?

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, I enjoy vicariously experiencing the trip, and the graduation photo made me smile.

      I felt the earthquake, but I was happy it was some distance away…and from my son, too, since he lives in LA and has been through some major quakes before.

      Enjoy your weekend.


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