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Another week has passed, and while I’m getting more settled and feeling cozy, my reading did slack a bit. Two very engaging books read and reviewed, however. I added a small table near my wicker love seat and my computer station…it is light enough to pull over by my desk, and it serves as a writing space.

I’m loving Big Little Lies and The Handmaid’s Tale…and I’ve enjoyed spending time with my granddaughter while running errands.  No “running” (on my part) was involved, but my ambulatory skills have improved with the help of my cane.

Join me in another cup of coffee while we look at my week.



Tuesday Excerpts:  “Summer of ’69”

Bookish Friday: “A Good Enough Mother”

Review:  Before She Was Found, by Heather GudenkaufReview:  Summer of ’69, by Elin Hilderbrand



Empty mailbox!  I downloaded one e-book.

Dear Wife, by Kimberly Belle

From the bestselling author of The Marriage Lie and Three Days Missing comes a riveting new novel of suspense about a woman who, in a fight for survival, must decide just how far she’ll go to escape the person she once loved

Beth Murphy is on the run…



A Good Enough Mother, by Bev Thomas…an engaging read so far!


That was my week.  I hope to enjoy more good books…and finally feel completely at home here.  No food photos this week…but I’ll share one of my delights from previous weeks.



  1. I’ve been reading good reviews for Dear Wife so I look forward to your thoughts. Glad you’re feeling more settled this week. I’m wishing you great books to read in the coming week.

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  2. Dear Wife looks good (and like my kind of book). I was watching Handmaid’s Tale but haven’t seen any of this season yet. I missed the first episode and have now decided to wait until it’s nearly over and binge on it all at once. I’m not hearing great things about it though….

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  3. Every week you seem to be more and more settled into your new space. I watched a documentary yesterday on living a life with less things, and I know that I will take this to heart. Too much stuff can feel overwhelming to me.

    I have Summer of ‘69 here, too, but it is by a different author. The summer of ‘69 was a pivotal time for many of us, so it’s no wonder two authors have written books centering on that time.

    Your writing area looks delightfully cozy. We are so blessed to live in so much comfort, I think.

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  4. Beware Of The Reader

    Laurel it seems that you are settling in and that’s good! Now let’s just hope that your reading mojo will be back soon. Have a wonderful week!

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  5. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    Only on my good weeks I read two books, let alone reviewing them. So I do not consider yours slacking at all. Ha ha, you are such a motivation. I am glad you are settled finally. I hope you have a great week ahead.

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  6. I like your new profile picture. It’s cute. I use a walking stick (I prefer to call it) but it is an actual hiking stick. I also have a walker that I haven’t had to use in a while, so I’m happy about that. I’m glad you spent time with your granddaughter.

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  7. Marti (Bookish Treats)

    Your writing space looks really cozy!
    I love The Handmaid’s Tale as well, need to catch up on season three.
    Hope you enjoy A Good Enough Mother 🙂

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  8. I’m so glad to hear you are moving around a little better and settling in. That’s good news. And that writing corner looks cozy.
    I have Dear Wife coming this week. I enjoyed the other book I read by Kimberly Belle (Three Days Missing) so I have hope I’ll enjoy this one too. Happy reading!

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  9. I enjoyed your review of Summer of ’69 and look forward to reading it (hopefully this summer)… interesting that Patty’s experience was so different, so I’m curious to see what I think. The small table is a nice accent to the space and very functional!

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  10. Hi Laurel-Rain. I think I was tired last night. I visited but don’t think I commented.
    I continue to be glad you have family nearby as you are getting cozy.
    You often have dramas and suspense that are new to me.
    I hope you are enjoying the week and your reading!

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  11. Veronica The Burgeoning Bookshelf

    Dear Wife sounds like a great read and something I think I would enjoy. Your room looks bright and sunny. A great place to sit and read. Our house is quite cold during the winter months so I have been going outside to read during the day.

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  12. Sorry to hear that your reading slacked a bit this week! Here’s to hoping you find some time to read a bit more soon. I love Big Little Lies and Handmaid’s Tale! Both are so great. Also, ooh, A Good Enough Mother sounds really intriguing.

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