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Settling in to my new space has slowed to a crawl.  Now I am pondering the final touches, like where to hang favorite pictures…and which ones to give away.  Yes, there are too many!  But even as I try to decide what else I “need,” I remember another accessory to add…like that little drop leaf table that served me well over the years and which has been so versatile.  My daughter did not sell or give away that one little extra…and soon it will be reunited with other favorites. (Below:  final touches in the entry way (maybe!), with the return of my hippie dolls.  I tend to tweak my arrangements).

  • I’ve been reading and reviewing more…two books already finished this week:  Little Darlings, by Melanie Golding ; and I’ll Never Tell, by Catherine McKenzie. (Click for reviews).
  • Now I’m reading Stone Mothers, by Erin Kelly.
  • I hope to step up my blog posting…but I’m not in a hurry to do so.  I’m still adjusting to my activities here…the few that I have.  Mostly I do my usual reading…and rearranging of my stuff.
  • I’m enjoying Big Little Lies on Prime…and The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.
  • On Saturday night, I viewed Tempting Fate, a Book-to-Movie feature on Lifetime.  There will be weekly offerings over the next few weeks.
  • I won’t be adding any more ARCs for a while…I have several to read for August.


How has your week unfolded?  Enjoy!



  1. It’s funny when you move how you temperarily forget about things that you loved in your previous house. I’m still remembering things that I loved before we moved and that are in storage.

    I hope to see you posting again soon on First Paragraph!

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  2. I do love the way you dress your surroundings and ensure it is visually appealing. I’ve let the clutter and detritus completely swamp any pride or joy I have in the house – so the rest of the summer will be devoted to having a massive declutter, clean and tidy with a view to keeping it sustainable so that I, too, can enjoy my work space!

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      1. Yes… being squeezed for space can do that. But I’m sure you will make the best of your space, whatever size, given your talent for displaying everything so attractively.

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