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One of these days I hope to blog three or four times a week!  I am not sure why I can’t seem to find my groove…but it probably has something to do with the whole moving/transitioning thing.  LOL.  My best day this week was time I spent with my granddaughter Fiona.  She helped sort through boxes, hang things on the wall, and shred things!

  • I hadn’t had a mani-pedi since my Big Awful Event…so today Fiona is taking me to the salon.  Yay, Fiona!  Her schedule has just lightened,  now that she has finished massage therapy certification.
  • Even in the midst of all the adjustments and changes, we need to pamper ourselves.
  • I finished Little Beach Bungalow, by Joanne DeMaio (click for review), and I’m already loving my NetGalley ARC After the End, by Claire Mackintosh (NG-6/25).
  • Today is the 24th birthday of my eldest grandson, Alec.  He has grown up so fast!  He is the handsome young man on the far right…next to his dad, my #2 son.

  • It is 6:00 in the morning, and I’ve been awake for two hours!  I try to stay up late to avoid waking up so early…but it isn’t working so far.
  • My surgery has been scheduled for July 22…and while I want it to be over, I had hoped to be more settled before the Big Event.
  • I loved watching the first episode of Big Little Lies, Season II.  It felt too short, though.  Hmm.


How is your week unfolding?  Enjoy!



  1. Susan Calderon

    It has been a really great reading week here. I finished “The Friends We Keep” on Monday. I ended up liking it quite a bit I gave it four stars. Then I read in one day “The Accidental Beauty Queen” which I loved! It was a really fast, read. The book was intelligent brain candy and great fun! I laughed out loud a bunch it was a nice change of pace from my more serious read “The View From Alameda Island” which I am just about finished reading hope to finish today in fact. The book has a serious subject matter, and a very disturbing scene so I am not sure why it is being billed as a light read. So far I have read 4 books on my list of summer beach reads.

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  2. So lovely that Fiona could help you get things up on the wall and then take you for some pampering. I’m heading to my color/cut appointment today. Or, as I like to call it, uninterrupted reading time 🙂 I’ve read more this week than usual. Finally catching up to my GR challenge – I’m a few books ahead of schedule, they tell me. I hope you can get your sleeping schedule more to your liking. I’m an early bird but that means I’m in bed most nights by 9pm. Geez that’s a bit early, isn’t it???

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  3. I’m listening to Have You Seen Luis Velez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde and loving it.

    It took me a while to get back into the groove of things after my move, and to be honest I’m stiil not 100% there as far as blogging, especially writing reviews.

    Glad Fiona could take you to get a pedi, I’m due for one myself but have been too busy to think about it. I can’t seem to straighten out my sleep either. I can’t go to sleep on time most nights but still have to get up early. I don’t like it.

    Hoping your surgery goes well!

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  4. The Cue Card

    You’ll need a nice nap if you’re waking up so early. We must pamper ourselves when times are tough. I hope you have a great day doing so. I need to watch the new Big Little Lies.

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  5. Must be nice to get some of your things sorted and around you, making it feel more like home. Yay for Fiona, she sounds wonderful. A Claire Macintosh book would be perfect from an engaging angle. 22nd of July will come quickly.

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