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A month has passed since my life changed drastically.  In the past two weeks, I have slowly transitioned to my new living arrangements, and while my reading is still slow…I did finish Emily, Gone, by Bette Lee Crosby, a five star read. (Click title for my review).

Currently, I am enjoying Little Beach Bungalow, by Joanne DeMaio.  Our summer friends are back in Stony Point, and new layers of the story are unfolding.

I am finally loving coffee again:

In my tiny apartment, I am adding a few of my quirky favorites from my former place, and I even brought a few books and family photos:






My “home theater” (TV/Blu-Ray combo) is all set for watching Big Little Lies this week!



My First Hump Day in June

Coffee Chat:  Redesigning My Life…



Empty mailbox.  I did download one e-book.

The Friends We Keep, by Jane Green

Gradually I am making myself at home.  I do hope to read and blog more in the coming weeks.

What did your week look like?

No delightful food to share this week, except this coffee and a sweet roll one early morning.  Maybe next week?



  1. Based on your review of Emily Gone I went ahead and requested that my library system buy the book so I may be able to read it after while. I haven’t read anything by Joanne Demaio. would your recommend jumping in with the current title or starting from the first book?

    I am right now in the middle of “The Friends We Keep” by Jane Green, and so far I have been underwhelmed. I keep hoping its going to get better so far it is a solid C rating I am sad to say.
    I am having a bit of hit and miss luck with this years summer beach reads. I loved My Ex Best Friends Wedding, I thought Sunset Beach missed the mark, and I really liked Queen Bee. I will be interested to read your review.

    I’m glad you are getting your blogging grove back I miss you when your gone.

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    • Thanks, Susan, I have been following DeMaio’s books from the beginning, but she has three categories, from The Seaside Saga, the Countryside New England Novels, to the Wintry Novels. You can start anywhere, but I loved meeting the characters from the beginning.

      Enjoy your week.


  2. Sounds like you are finding your feet and yourself again, hope the settling in continues to go well and especially asserting your independence where necessary. I am keen to read the new Jane Green, but would like to read it in actual book form but hard cover is too expensive. Kindle version is not available yet in my part of world. Oh well, umm I do have plenty to read!!

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I loved having more hardcover books, but in the end, I had to give most of mine away.

      While I had them, I loved the cozy feeling.

      Speaking out against things that don’t make sense is a big part of me. Lol

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  3. I’m glad to read you’re slowly finding your ‘way’ again. Change that you didn’t want is always hard. Sending you a virtual hug! 😉
    Have a great week and happy reading!

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  4. I sighed with relief when I read you get coffee again 😀 It’s my favorite thing about mornings! The DeMaio book is on my wish list. I wonder if the first season of Big Little Lies is on Prime. I hope you enjoy the new season and have a great week ahead.

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  5. I’m glad you are getting settled into your new place. It looks beautiful, and if it is smaller, that’s okay, too, because it means there is less to have to take care of!

    I’m very glad you have gotten back your taste for coffee. That would be a terrible thing for me, if I couldn’t enjoy my coffee.

    Enjoy your week!

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    • Thanks, Deb, I am loving the small space and that cooking, cleaning, and laundry are provided. More time to read…once I really get settled.

      I am very happy to be enjoying coffee again.

      Have a great week.


    • Thanks for visiting, Erin. I have tried to visit a few blogs, including yours, that have been blocked by our Internet security here for no logical reason. I will try to sort it out.

      I want to throw a tantrum!


    • Thanks for visiting, Nise, and now that I’m settling in and enjoying coffee again, I might have to cut back. They serve it at all the meals! LOL.

      I liked the first new episode of Big Little Lies…but it felt too short!

      Enjoy your week.


    • Thanks for visiting, JoAnn; last night I was realizing that I’ve only been at the new place for two weeks….but something is happening all the time, so that probably explains the feeling that I’ve been here longer.

      I would like to pick up my reading pace, but maybe I’m just finding my new balance.

      Enjoy your week.


  6. Glad to hear you got your home theater set up, and that you can enjoy coffee again! I’m really looking forward to the new episodes of Big Little Lies, too.

    I really want to read Jane Green, I keep seeing recommandations for her books. I wish you a great week, and happy reading!

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    • Thanks, Kay, I’m adjusting, I think. Although there are still a few things to sort out. Today I have another doctor’s appointment. Between those, physical therapy, and blending in (sort of), I also still feel as if I have one foot in the old place, as my daughter is still clearing it out…and I’ve been over there a few times.

      Enjoy your week.


  7. We are more resilient than we thought we were, and can fit in anywhere as long as there are good books, movies, a computer, friends, and good food. Coffee and a roll does it for me most mornings too😀. Enjoy your new digs!

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    • Thanks, Harvee, I agree. I realized this when my health issues woke me up and reminded me that I needed to make some changes.

      But I love that I can still surround myself with my favorite things.

      Enjoy your week.


  8. Sounds like you are getting used to your new home. I’m sure it takes time. I need to catch up on my Joanne Demaio and Jane Green books. They look so good.

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  9. I’m glad you are getting settled. While I don’t drink coffee, I do understand that a fan would miss it. I’m sorry you couldn’t bring many of your books but the Kindle certainly can keep you in things to read. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  10. I’m glad you are getting settled and have the things you enjoy. I am finding things as I pack for the move, pitching things we won’t need and excited to move. We are eating what is in the freezer which is not

    Here is my Sunday Post   always what we feel like eating. I am making peach crisp tonight. Have a fabulous week!

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  11. Glad you are settling in there; I know it has big a major change for you. I didn’t realize that Big Little Lies is finally starting up again, good!! Enjoy your books & coffee.

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