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My blogging and reading have been very slow for the past few weeks, but I’m gradually finding my way again. I have spent more time on transitioning to my new living space…and adjusting to how things work around here.  Today I finally got my little “home theater” up and running (My Blu-Ray player is connected to the TV and the Internet at last).  Today I started watching Season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • I’m reading (and loving) Emily, Gone, by Bette Lee Crosby.
  • Next I hope to subscribe to HBO through Prime, so that I can watch Season II of Big Little Lies!
  • I am determined to continue enjoying my favorite things, whenever that is possible.
  • Tomorrow I am going to my former residence to gather a few more things…especially some of my favorite books.  Right now my new space has only a short stack of current reads…and my Kindle.  I hope to add a few bookish elements to my favorite Jelly Cupboard, below, where I have inserted a few quirky trinkets…

  • The cupboard resides in a nook that was designed as a closet…which meant that I had to find a way to hang some clothes, too (above).  Below, the entry way spotlights my hall tree…another place to hang clothes.  In small spaces, we do have to reinvent ways to store things.


So…now I’m off to the dining room, which I’m starting to look forward to, surprisingly.  At first I resisted.  But now I’m actually finding compatible residents with whom to chat. 

Enjoy your week!



  1. Sounds like you are settling in with some positives and some negatives (smaller spaces for sure). Hope you are able to pick up some of your favorite books to put into the space. I guess you need to start watching tiny houses on TV.

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