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It is early morning here in the Central Valley of California, and I am doing something unusual.  For me.  I’m writing my Coffee Chat blog post a day early…and while the night is slowly dying around me, I am feeling hopeful about the day.  A friend is coming by later to take me for coffee.  The very same friend whose call came just when I needed to be rescued…and the 911 shout out she made for me changed my life.  For the past two-and-a-half weeks, I have been  hibernating, in a way.  Healing, making changes, and staying in a house that is not my own.

  • My daughter has set up a little desk for me in her guest room, and it is here that I write book reviews and the occasional blog post.  And watch live streaming shows, since I don’t have any of my TVs here!
  • She has set up her FB page with photos of many of my collectibles, which she is selling for me.  I’m sure some of the items are familiar to those who read my blogs…I tend to spotlight them regularly.  When they have all gone to their new homes, I hope to have a few remaining treasures around me.  Like this favorite Jelly Cupboard that has followed me from place to place.

  • Another old favorite from the 1970s: an antique ice cream table that I’ve used for book stacks, photos, or sometimes even as a game table.  (Below) I used it as a side table in my former home in the foothills.

  • The best part of moving is how a new space with old favorites can become a completely revamped environment.  And the view from my back window is a gorgeous garden space to enjoy as I savor my new world.
  • A little bit optimistic?  Well, yes, as I slowly heal and learn how to navigate while mixing the old with the new…I can continue favorite routines like reading, blogging, and connecting with others who are doing the same.
  • This week, I finished reading and reviewing The First Mistake, by Sandie Jones (click for review).  It is a NetGalley ARC releasing on June 11.
  • Then I started another one with the same release date:  Those People, by Louise Candlisch: From the author of the international bestseller Our House, a new novel of twisty domestic suspense asks, “Could you hate your neighbor enough to plot to kill him?”
  • I’m already caught up in all the drama of it.  As if I need any more of that in my life right now!


So…as I wake early and begin to find new ways to fit old routines into my new “normal,” I am grateful for the opportunity to do the things I love, surrounded by a few of my favorite things.

How is your day shaping up?



  1. It is good that you can earmark some of your favorite things to come to the new place so that it feels like your place. Looking forward to seeing you settle in. Hope the coffee outing went well and that it was good to get out. It can only be onwards and upwards. Just… stay off that floor!!

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  2. Glad your attitude is so positive! Change is hard sometimes but it can be one of the best things we ever do. My move from a huge house out in the country to a small house within the city limits is an example. I’m so much happier and content here. I wish the same for you on your move. Glad you’re getting back to yourself!

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  3. Trin Carl

    I love that you’re able to share your transition during this time. I’ve been through a lot of transitions in my life which may stem from my mother being homeless (to this day). Lucky for me these transitions have always been temporary-knock on wood.

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