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My “Penguin Coffee Mug” above has a story.  Many years ago, when my youngest son was 12, he gave me that mug for Christmas…or a birthday.  I’m not sure which event.  But now everyone in the family wants to use it at least once when they are here.  Especially his daughter Fiona.  It rests on a top shelf in between uses.  I have moved four times since I received it!  I am always amazed when something I love remains intact throughout the moves of my life.  Here’s a closer look:

  • The many moves of my life make me shudder…just a bit.  Starting with the 70s, which was the decade that brought FOURTEEN moves, mostly within one city, my current location.  I only moved  FOUR times in the 80s.  By 1994, I was settled into my house in the foothills, where I lived until 2007.  I then moved here and have stayed put for twelve years.  Moving would be a major upheaval, which I keep telling my daughter, who thinks I should downsize again to a “senior living complex”…just so she won’t have to worry.  Hmm.  So far, the only reason she has given me for that worry:  I might fall or get sick.  After all, I’m ancient.  LOL.   Interesting, since neither event has happened…and might not.

  • This week has been pretty good so far.  Except for one thing.  When I went blog visiting, I discovered that I could no longer comment on Blogger sites!  What???  I have a Blogger Profile, which used to be enough.  I went to my Google account and looked through the various details, which basically told me nothing.  I even started a rudimentary Blogger site, hoping that would work.  Nada.  But then I accidentally used my iPhone…and it worked.
  • So…now for more experimentation.  I thought: Let’s look closer at Google.  So I tried Google Chrome as an alternate browser, and it works.  But…here’s the downside.  I don’t navigate very well there, and my bookmarks (from Firefox) are not available. So I am doing some clunky experimenting until I figure out if there’s another way.  Or until I figure out how to use the Chrome bookmarks.  Sigh.
  • Meanwhile…I love that expression, which Stephen Colbert regularly uses on his Late Night Show.  I’ve been recording the show most nights because his “take” on our world, along with some interesting guests, bring a bright spot to my days…or nights.
  • I have two new photos of Noah and Fiona.  Noah, as the youngest grandchild, is 16 and an A student.  He recently got contact lenses (below), although I think he also looks cute in his eyeglasses.

  • And Fiona, showing off her newest look, is dark and mysterious.  She spotlights all kinds of personas, from the dark to the light:

  • Here’s a lighter look.  Don’t they look like completely different girls?

  • So far this week, I’ve read and reviewed The Perfect Girlfriend (click title for my review).
  • Today I finished Never Tell, by Lisa Gardner, an unpredictable thriller that puts fan favorites D.D. Warren and Flora Dane on a shocking new case that begins with a vicious murder and gets darker from there. (Click title for review).
  • This week also brought the surreal adventure with my garage door: opening and shutting as if possessed.  Luckily, a neighbor helped manually close it on Sunday night, and maintenance staff was here the next morning to install a new garage door opener.  Yay!


So that’s my week so far.  What does yours look like?



    • Thanks, Jaymi, sentimental objects are the bonds that keep me tied to my memories. I hate moving, but I was married to someone in the 70s who was like a gypsy. I think moving took the place of spring cleaning. LOL.


  1. I need to try Shelleyrae’s solution because I’ve had major issues with commenting on Blogger blogs for months. So frustrating!
    We’re ready to downsize but lack the motivation to clean the house out, you know? Someday…

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    • Thanks, Mary, I was wondering if the problem was with Google, but clearing the cache does sound like something I need to do regularly.

      I did a big downsize 12 years ago, and now I don’t feel the surge of energy I’ll need to do more. Sigh.


  2. I love that penguin mug and the fact it has become part of the traditional family folklore. Wow you sure have moved a lot of times. All that packing! I hope you stay as long as you want where you are!

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