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Another week is flying by.  I spent time reading, watching movies, and even looking at new apartments that my daughter thinks I should consider moving into.  But I’m not ready for “group activities” in a small space among other seniors, playing bingo and cards.  LOL. Some day that might make sense for me, but for now, this “introvert” likes alone time visiting blogs, etc.

  • I finished reading Back Stabbers, the eighth book in Julie Mulhern’s Country Club Murders series. I loved it!  (Click for my review).
  • I’m almost finished with All the Wrong Places, by Joy Fielding:  a tech savvy serial killer is an anonymous voice in this story that features four women trying to connect with men through an online dating site.
  • Tonight I watched more episodes of The Act, on Hulu.  Patricia Arquette and Joey King play a dysfunctional mother and daughter in which the mother tries to keep her daughter bound to her via Munchausen by Proxy.
  • I’ve watched all four seasons of Catastrophe, on Prime.
    American boy Rob gets Irish girl Sharon pregnant while they hook up for a week while on a business trip to London. Carrie Fisher played Rob’s mother through most of the series, and then her passing was also featured in the final season. Stars: Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney, Mark Bonnar
  • My #2 son Brett and his fiancee Madeline have been vacationing in Vietnam and Thailand.  Brett texted some photos. (Below, in Vietnam)

  • Here they are in Thailand, playing with elephants:

  • I had a dental appointment today, and I must be getting used to it, as it was almost fun.  LOL.  I like the dentist and his staff.  I feel as though I’m visiting friends.
  • I ordered some new sheets to go with my Boho bedding…shades of eggplant.  Here’s a glimpse.


That was my week so far.  What adventures and/or activities are you enjoying?



  1. Totally get you being not ready to move into a small apartment and play bingo etc. I am an introvert like you. I did cave and hire someone to mow my lawns and his first day was today. My lawn is mostly weeds but they are tidy lawn weeds now! Sometimes small things help. Oh boy, fun going to the dentist – although my one is very nice.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, I would like more help at home…cleaning, for example. We already have a gardener with the complex.. But moving away from what is familiar is not for me right now. Maybe later.

      I think introverts like us want to control our environments and our lives…and we won’t give up our control easily.

      The dentist and his staff are funny and chatty, which helps with that process. LOL

      . Enjoy your weekend.


    • Thanks, Kathy, I like that my dentist and staff help smooth the way and ease the experience. This time, it was just the dental hygienist, so that was easier than the whole broken crown experience. LOL.

      My son is having a great time, and like all good things, it will end this weekend. They’re headed home.

      Enjoy your weekend.


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