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Another week is speeding by, and I’ve been playing with various things, including the Bitmoji App. (see the image on the left, and other similar ones on my blogs).  I’ve also been immersed in books, movies, and TV.  On Amazon Prime, I found two great films to watch:  Green Book and If Beale Street Could Talk.  On TV, I viewed the first episode of The Village, which I think I’m going to enjoy.  I’ve been staying pretty close to home, except for the usual errands and grocery shopping. Thursday will bring another episode of The Good Fight.

  • I read and reviewed I Owe You One, by Sophie Kinsella…and I really enjoyed it.  (Click for my review).
  • I am currently reading The Liar’s Child, but I’m only a third of the way through it so far.  Distractions.
  • I went to the Manage My Content page on Amazon and downloaded some of my old TBR books onto my device.  I’m hoping to actually read some of them! (A few are from 2014!).
  • Fiona and I did a little housecleaning last weekend.  Clearing out some shelves in the bathroom, and purging my closet.  Whew!  The trouble with these tasks:  they are never done.  You finish a few things, and notice what else needs doing.  Sigh.
  • Earlier today, I searched through some of my FB friends’ photos, and found this one of my two adorable step-great-grandchildren (that’s a mouthful!).  Lilly and Bella are five!  How is that possible?  Their daddy is Fiona’s half brother.

  •  I seldom use that “half” label, as our family has a mix of these relationships…and in the end, we’re all related.
  • When I was growing up, I had an assortment of cousins, varying from first cousins to third cousins twice removed.  To make it easy, we just called them all “cousins.”
  • Strange thing, though.  In adulthood, we have all grown apart, and haven’t seen each other in years.  That’s kind of sad.  I still picture us playing Annie Annie Over on Sundays at Grandma’s house.  I wish I had an actual photo of all of us playing.


  • I can tell I’m getting older when these familiar memories have faded into the distance, almost as if they happened to someone else.


That is what my life looks like this week so far.  Starting Thursday, March Madness will interfere with a lot of shows for the next few days…which is okay, as I can find other things to occupy my time.



  1. I need to weed out a few closets. With March Madness interfering with your schedule it’s nice to have the Prime option (and others too). So different from a few years ago when choices were limited. And there’s always books 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Mary, TV watching back in the day was pathetic, but then again, we didn’t know any better. When my oldest kids were little, we lived in a tiny dustbowl kind of town, and when the winds blew, the “rabbit ears” antennae didn’t work!

      Of course, now young parents have other issues with which to contend…and I don’t think I would trade places.

      But books…they never let us down. Enjoy your week.


  2. Patty

    There always seems to be some kind of organizing and cleaning to do but it’s nice to balance it with books and movies and relaxing things. We have rain here today and yet another visit from the refrigerator repair man. I have been thinking about watching The Village but I haven’t managed it yet.

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    1. Thanks, Patty, and someone on a blog mentioned doing one big project a day…or one room a day. That sounds like a nice balanced way to do things.

      Didn’t your refrigerator give you problems not that long ago? I hope they really fix it for you this time!

      Enjoy your rainy day reading.


    1. Thanks for visiting, Lianne…my daughter sent me one in her St. Patrick’s message, and I said the “emoji” looked like her (which it did!), and she told me the name of it and where to find it. Then I went crazy creating images. LOL.

      Enjoy your weekend!


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