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The week got off to a great start after I had spent some time with my granddaughter Fiona on Sunday.  We had lunch at Yard House, followed by time at home talking and taking photos.  We have tentative plans again later this week.  She works at night and goes to school in the days, so any time she can spare feels like a treasure.

  • Today I Skyped with my eldest son, who lives in Prague.  Because of the time difference (nine hours ahead there), we have to schedule it.  He now has a job as a content writer for an online casino company, which gives him a more predictable work time than his freelance assignments.  It has been almost four years since he last visited the states, so I hope he comes some time this year.
  • This morning I went out to run my errands first thing so I could devote time to the Skype chat.  We always talk for more than an hour.
  • I am slowly reading The Next To Die, by Sophie Hannah; I am not rushing through my books this week.
  • I watched This Is Us last night, and I do love this show. As more time goes by, however, I find myself with very distinct feelings about some of the characters, just as we do for people IRL.  For example, Randall seems so judgmental at times, while poor Kevin struggles with his addiction; I get irritated with Randall, but feel such empathy for Kevin.  And let’s face it, he is more appealing, IMO.  But Randall has always had to be “perfect,” so he can’t completely relax.  He has to be so responsible and has the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Then there is Miguel, who tries to push his way into the role of patriarch, but he can never take Jack’s place.   On the other hand, Rebecca seems so aloof, but she is probably just covering up her pain.  Do any of you watch the show and find yourselves rooting for your favorites and/or dissecting the more irritating ones?
  • I’ve been setting my DVR for new shows, like The Village, which starts next week.  I added the show Juanita to my Netflix queue.  I always enjoy Alfre Woodard.
  • This week I have been changing up some blog headers, like this one on my Serendipity site.

  • Earlier today, I went to my FB page and everything had disappeared except a few images at the top.  I sent off a message, but then, seconds later, the page was back.  Now that was either quick work, or the glitch was temporary.  Any thoughts?


What is happening in your part of the world?  Adventures, glitches, or annoying events?


13 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: FAMILY TIME, ETC.

  1. Sometimes I wonder why I still watch This is Us. I guess I’m hoping for more flashbacks with Jack.

    I’d have to say Randall is the only character I like. The rest of them annoy the heck out of me, especially Kevin and Kate.

    That being said, I thought last night’s episode was really good. I liked how they all went from sniping at each other to trying to be kind and back to sniping. I loved the food game they played involving chocolate & ranch.

    I heard that FB was completely down today but I don’t know when or for how long. I guess it was a hashtag on Twitter. LOL

    Oooo I don’t know anything about The Village or Juanita!!! Must check them out.

    Prague!!!! That’s one of my favorite places when it pops up on an episode of House Hunters International. Have you been over there to visit your son? It looks so colorful and beautiful and totally my cup of tea.

    I love that picture of your granddaughter.

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    1. Thanks, Jinjer, I like how we either enjoy or are annoyed with the characters on the show. In either case, we can have conversations about them.

      I’m glad to know what happened on FB; I was starting to take it personally!

      Just now I watched an Amazon Prime movie called Insta Family. I loved it. Foster parenting and adoption. I eat those shows up!

      I haven’t been to Prague yet… I don’t like long flights. I should get over that.

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      1. Agree. And I do CARE about the characters that annoy me, so that’s good. Kevin and Kate are good, kind, loving people….that get on my nerves. LOL

        Oooo I am absolutely terrified of flying. My friends in Germany and Japan have extended open invitations to me to visit them but I can’t even talk myself into buying a passport because that would get things moving towards that long, scary plane flight. Those two recent Boeing Max 737 crashes haven’t helped.

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  2. I usually check twitter when another platform such as Goodreads isn’t refreshing. As for This Is Us, I gave up on it. Not sure specifically why except it just wasn’t grabbing me anymore. Prague is on my travel bucket list. Maybe someday. Your time with your granddaughter sounded nice. Always special.

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    1. Thanks, Mary, good idea to check Twitter…I didn’t even think of it!

      I think I stayed with This Is Us because of Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin. He was a favorite character on Young and the Restless (yes, I watch it! LOL), and he feels like family. But the annoying characters make me roll my eyes sometimes.

      My daughter and second son have both visited my son in Prague…they are not afraid of flying. LOL


  3. My mom and I just watched the recent episode of This Is Us and had a long discussion about the characters! I miss Jack in the storyline and enjoy Rebecca more as a younger woman. I think The Village looks good and am planning to record it. I am sure you treasure the time spend with your granddaughter.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Nise, I also like the younger version of Rebecca better, too, probably because those scenes are usually with Jack. Miguel feels like an interloper, stepping into his “friend’s” role as her husband and a father figure to the kids…who seem to resent him, rightfully.

      Yes, Fiona and I have a good time together, hanging out. She is very helpful, too.


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