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Now that we’re sort of back to normal, post holidays, I am having a hard time mustering up enthusiasm for anything.  Probably because of all that is happening in Washington, and how powerless we are to change anything.  I am trying to avoid news items, but when I scroll through social media or even Google, it’s like a constant presence hovering over every page.

  • Today I escaped my depressing surroundings by joining a friend (below) for coffee at Barnes & Noble.  I like our get-togethers, a chance to chat and even vent a little.  And have some treats.

  • I’m trying to keep up with my reading, but I only finished two books last week, and one this week so far.  I enjoyed Forget You Know Me, by Jessica Strawser (click for my review).
  • Currently I am halfway finished with The Winter Sister, by Megan Collins, a NetGalley ARC.  The book will be released on 2/5.
  • I watched A Simple Favor on Amazon Prime last night…and liked it so much that I downloaded the e-book, too.

  • While I was celebrating New Year’s last week, my No. 2 son texted this photo of him and his fiancee from their getaway in Hawaii:

  • Speaking of books, I went a little crazy with “click to buy” behavior…and downloaded FIVE e-books.  I started with two, settled back, and then, almost accidentally, found myself clicking some more.  Sigh.
  • I am eagerly awaiting the newest season of Grace and Frankie, coming to Netflix on January 18.
  • I am avoiding the unpleasant housework that seems to be calling out to me.  Now that the Christmas decorations are all tucked away in bins…I need to return to some semblance of my regular routines.  Where is the maid when I need her?  LOL.
  • Seriously, though, I think I will capitulate to the urge for a housekeeper to come at least once a month.   If I don’t, this will be what I look like, minus the 1950s style apron and dress:



So…that was my week, a few good things and a lot left to do.  What did yours look like?



  1. I definitely think you should indulge your desire for a housekeeper! We have a cleaning service that comes in once a fortnight and even those few hours makes a huge difference and relieves us of particularly tiresome chores…like cleaning behind the refrigerator! More time to spend reading as well ..

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  2. Even just a once the month polish up would be nice wouldn’t it and especially the harder stuff. I have been working on cleaning one room at a time, just doing things by giving ten minutes and if I’m bored after that I stop but if I get on a roll I keep going awhile longer. Its working!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I like your method. Maybe I can try it. I do keep the bathrooms and kitchen scrubbed…but I hate dusting and vacuuming. I would like a nice polish from a housekeeper.

      When my granddaughter scrubbed my kitchen floor a while ago, it was great, and I kept it up afterwards with a Swiffer wet jet. I don’t do “hands and knees” scrubbing anymore. LOL.

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  3. I need my maid at the house pronto! I’m just back from putting my parents winter house on the market and next week resume going to care for my mom a few days/week. I think my reading will pick up again at that time. So far I have only two books read in January. I miss reading! Aren’t outings with friends the best? I have two close friends who meet for coffee or breakfast from time to time. Lately those meetings have been far too infrequent. Life has been so busy – I guess we need to make time. Have a good weekend!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Mary, and you have definitely been busy. It is challenging to keep up with everything, and something always slides. I do love get-togethers with friends, but only regularly meet with the one I saw this week. We try to do so at least once a month.

      Reading does suffer when busy with other things. Good luck arranging for the maid! LOL.


  4. Spending the holidays in Hawaii sounds like fun – at least you got to experience it through your son and future daughter-in-law.

    I want a house cleaner but Carl wants to spend the money on something else right now. 😦

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and since I am single, I don’t have to run it by someone else…LOL.

      I do love vicariously traveling through my grown kids…I don’t have to worry about the flight or the packing.

      Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Oooo I can’t wait for the new season of Grace & Frankie!!! I love that show so much. If you can afford someone to come in and clean, DO IT!!!! My mom already had someone coming in twice a month when I moved in to take care of her and we have kept her on since I work full time plus a ton of overtime in addition to taking care of Mom. It really helps me out to have someone do the heavy cleaning.

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