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The holidays have been great!  I am tired, though, and I plan to sleep more in the upcoming days.  Yesterday I went to my daughter’s house for brunch, where she served Quiche, one of my favorites, and some assorted coffee cake and fruit.  Mimosas, too, of course.  She always has an interesting combination of old and new friends joining us. She specializes in both small and large parties; the small ones, like this one, are better for conversation.  Noah snapped this shot. Heather and David are to the right.  

  • Here’s the photo with Noah in it.

  • It was fun to see how much Noah has grown since a month ago when I saw him last.  He is just a tad short of 6′ tall, and he’ll be 16 in January.  We have a lot of tall guys in our family…and I once was taller than I am now.  LOL.
  • I saw my other family members via text messages and on FB. Sigh.
  • Here is a photo of one of my oldest friends and her grown children.  We met in 1972.

  • It feels like I have just now decorated for Christmas, which I was reluctant to do, BTW.  So I guess I’ll leave the decorations up until New Year’s…or longer.
  • I am enjoying The Affliction, by Beth Gutcheon, and finished The Adults, by Caroline Hulse, earlier in the week. (Click title for my review).
  • I’ve been savoring Netflix this week.  First, there was Bird Box.  Wow, I held my breath throughout.  I’m also watching Season 3 of Wanted, about two women staying ahead of the law in Australia.  They were innocent in the beginning, but the longer they’re out there trying to stay alive, the more likely they are to commit serious crimes.
  • Today I am happily ensconced in my office on the computer, or in the living room on my sofa, reading and watching movies.  I have nothing planned for the day!
  • On Facebook, I found some cute things, like this little note written by my great-niece America.  Don’t you love her name?

  • And I love this photo of my niece Amy with America:

  • I keep meaning to drive up to visit them.  They live in the mountains northeast of here, in a little town called Twain Harte.
  • New Year’s Day brings First Books of the Year.  Check in here to find out more, and head to Sheila’s to see all the participants.


So…New Year’s Eve is ahead, and then a whole new year stretches out like a blank page.  What are your plans?  Do you make resolutions?  I pick One Word for the year, but since this year was not that successful with my word (Connect), I will hang onto it and keep trying.



  1. I think “holiday” season is very tiring so hope you get a good rest now. Took me a full day to recover. I adore America’s note! Made me chuckle. I am thinking my word for 2019 should be Move! And that is enlarged to make one step, vision engaged! I really need to exercise and get things done and I figure if I just take one step I’ll keep going!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and MOVE is a great word. I need to do more of that too! It’s all about one step at a time, right? Enjoy.

      I also love America’s note and all the photos of her with her mom and siblings. And her dad, too, of course. I need a visit with them IRL.

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