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The great Pumpkin Day is coming!  Meanwhile, I have been enjoying various pumpkin desserts…and decor, just to get in practice for the Big Event.

This week has been a busy one, with errands, another dental appointment (the final bridge installation is on Monday!), and a better than normal reading week, since I’ve already zipped through two books.  When a week starts out like that, I am ready for fantastic numbers.  I loved Her Pretty Face, by Robyn Harding (click title for my review).

  • Since I quickly flew through those pages, the next one was even faster, and I couldn’t put it down.  Three Days Missing, by Kimberly Belle, was fast-paced with lots of intensity. (Click for review)
  • Currently I am reading Winter in Paradise, by Elin Hilderbrand…and continuing my slower read of What Happened, by HRC.
  • After finishing Brothers & Sisters on Amazon Prime, I started on House of Cards, Season 6.  I have only watched four episodes so far.
  • On Monday, my youngest grandson marched in the local Veterans’ Day Parade:  (Noah, Center)

  • Since this week was pretty busy, I couldn’t stay asleep on Monday night…and woke up at 2:00 a.m. to read.  Because the book was impossible to put down, I kept going and never caught up on my sleep.  So Tuesday night, I went to bed even before This Is Us aired…and it’s a favorite!  (I’ll catch up on the DVR later). I woke up at 7 a.m., feeling rested…finally.
  • Today’s mailbox brought the lovely Becoming, by Michelle Obama, and a new and very soft heating pad from Amazon.  So cozy!
  • As I sip my coffee, I am feeling in tune with my books and my anticipation of the holidays.  And loving some of the election results!
  • When I did my reading this week, I curled up in this reading chair in a corner of my bedroom.
  • I am looking forward to next week and some family/friends get-togethers.
  • This week has been the first time that I needed the heater!  I like the coziness of it, curled up in the covers and feeling the warmth that doesn’t come from hot days.


How is your week shaping up?  Are you eagerly anticipating the holidays ahead?



    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and I’ve noticed that people either love or hate pumpkin pie…LOL.

      I am trying to picture you having spring. Enjoy!

      I am glad to have heater time…the hot days of summer didn’t feel cozy, but the warmth around me now does.

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  1. I’m hoping my library hold of Winter in Paradise comes before Christmas. I enjoy her books.
    Wishing you the best with your final dental fitting on Monday. You’ve been through a lot with it! But just in time for Thanksgiving!!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Mary, and I hope you get the book soon, too. I am barely into it, but already I’m loving it.

      And, yes, the dental fiasco feels like it has been going on forever…it was on October 3 that the original bridge fell out! Now I am happily awaiting Thanksgiving and being able to CHEW! LOL

      Enjoy your weekend.


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