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How is it Thursday already?  What a week!  Errands, voting, paying bills, and binge-watching Brothers & Sisters..still.  But I’m halfway through the final season.  I was lax on the reading front and finished my first book of the week last night…and then went to sleep before writing the review.  Which is why I woke up to write and post it first thing this morning. In Her Bones, by Kate Moretti (click for review) was fascinating…but sometimes tedious.  

  • Right afterwards, I checked my emails and found a NetGalley review book waiting for me:  The Escape Room, by Megan Goldin.  I almost didn’t download it—it would be my sixth ARC still unread—but its release date is 8/6/19, so I’ll have plenty of time to get to it.
  • I started reading The Island House, by Nancy Thayer, a book that has been waiting patiently on my Kindle for…TWO years!  I should have read it during the summer.  But I am intrigued, so I’m ready to dive in.  Why did I forget about it?  I love Thayer’s books.

  • I have five more days before I return to the dentist and, hopefully, get my permanent bridge.  I am so tired of chewing on one side only!
  • Halloween slipped right on by me this year.  No decorations and no Trick or Treaters.  That works for me.  The time changes, though, not so much.  But we may be able to have permanent Daylight Savings Time here in California, thanks to the election.
  • I love my Mary Engelbreit calendars…and this November one cheers me up when I enter the kitchen.  It is now time to search for 2019 calendars.  I usually buy them at Barnes & Noble around the corner.




How is November treating you so far?  Are you loving your books and your not-so-bookish events?


4 thoughts on “COFFEE CHAT: WHAT A WEEK!

  1. Cute calendar. My sister-in-law loves all things Mary Engelbreit. The past couple of years I’ve been ordering a calendar from Pomegranate – the one I get is called The Reading Woman. Each month features a museum quality painting of a woman reading. They are gorgeous paintings.
    I hope you love the Thayer book. It’s been a while since I read one of hers.

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