What a twisted journey I have been on this week!  For starters, this is my first blog post.  Imagine that!

I had finished reading First Flurries, by Joanne DeMaio (click for my review), and was eager to post my review.  My laptop had other ideas. Long story short:  it died.  Feeling a bit flummoxed, as I hadn’t planned on that happening—who does?—I headed to the computer store I had chosen and selected a new one.  Then I brought in the old one so the Geek Squad could transfer data…simple, right?

Two days later, still waiting.  Long story short, I stirred them up a bit, and they finished it yesterday.

Today I’m finding my way around my New Normal, enjoying it, but also feeling as if I have been sent down a Rabbit Hole, with everything strange and new…and maybe even upside down.  I had to relearn what I had previously known…and change a few passwords, too.

Meanwhile, the rest of the week was about renewing my Driver’s License and getting the REAL ID card…so I did all that on Wednesday.

Then, my temporary bridge fell out…and had to be reapplied yesterday.  Sigh. Later today, I’m off to self-soothe with something sweet.  Like this.


How was your week?  I missed all of you!



  1. Sounds like soothing was definitely in order – your treat looks delicious. New technology is so stressful, but what a big relief when it starts to feel comfortable again. I sympathize with your dental woes, too… I had a temporary crown fall out a few weeks ago (my fault, I inadvertently flossed!) Nobody wants an extra trip to the dentist! Hope you have a good weekend.

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    • OMG, JoAnn, sometimes we do things inadvertently…although my temporary felt insecure from the start. Now it feels like it’s there to stay…for at least 3 weeks until I get my permanent one!

      Enjoy your weekend!


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