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I am not looking forward to this morning:  three hours in the dental chair replacing a bridge that fell out.  After that, I’ll have a temporary one for two weeks.  I will be eating lots of soft foods.  It’s a good thing I love soup. 






  • I’m excited about two books I downloaded yesterday:

  • Last Friday, I had my hair styled…and enjoyed a massage.  “Enjoyed” is probably the wrong word, since it hurt a little, and the stretches I have to do throughout each day are a little bit painful.  But I’m able to move my left arm more now.  Sigh.  I keep waiting for the bliss of total healing.
  • Friday is my #2 son Brett’s birthday…below is a favorite photo from umpteen years ago…yes, infancy.  I snapped an iPhone photo of the framed picture on my office wall:

  • Another favorite snapshot of all four of my “kidlets,” back in the early 1990s.  Brett is the one on the lower left:

  • I’ve probably told this story before on one of my blogs.  That sculpture is at our local university campus, and we began shooting photos of the family there back in 1979.  It became “our place.”  The first one, below:

  • I’m loving This Is Us…and I set the DVR for New Amsterdam…but haven’t watched it yet.
  • Thursday favorites:  Grey’s Anatomy; Mom; Murphy Brown; and How To Get Away with Murder.


How has your week been shaping up?



  1. I hope you’re doing ok. Did your dentist procedure go well? Dentists are the worst. We had a snowstorm yesterday and this morning there was a few feet of snow. Not plowed or removed yet I trudged in it. Crazy I am. I feel stiff and sore and I dread my upward facing dog stretches. I can barely walk afterwards!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Jackie, and there was an unexpected piece to the dental work: they had to do an extraction of a tooth behind the missing bridge, so I’m dealing with post-op stuff as well as the temporary bridge. It sucks! I think I’ll sleep sitting up, as I’m afraid of lying down while the gum is oozing. Yeah, gross, right?

      Tomorrow around 10 a.m., I can do the salt water rinses. Someday I may be able to eat again…LOL.

      Wow, a snowstorm! Our weather was rainy. Enjoy your week!


    • Thanks, Emma, it started out as a random photo during a Thanksgiving weekend in 1979….and the kids loved it so much that they begged to do it again. We did it in 1984, then again in 1991.

      Some of my grandchildren have taken up the tradition.

      The dentist appt. was complicated by an unexpected extraction behind the space, so now I’m recovering from that while trying to manage with a temporary bridge! Fun stuff.


  2. Ouch three hours in the dentist’s chair. Sorry about that. Yes a massage is not always a comfortable experience but as you say hopefully a healing one coming up. I look forward to A Spark of Light too it will be a good read I do believe.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I’m thinking that tomorrow will be better. Today is the second day after oral surgery, the day of the salt water irrigation…and a feeling that healing is happening.

      Sometimes my shoulder is better, and then it freezes up again. Sigh.

      I am excited about A Spark of Light. Enjoy!

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    • Thanks, Nise, I’m feeling better today about the dental work, but I’ll be very glad to eat normal food again.

      I’m excited about the new books, and I hope my shoulder healing progresses.

      Enjoy your weekend.


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