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What a week!  Warmer than last week, but today should show a lowering of those numbers.  My reading sucked.  Yeah, there is no other way to describe it!  I read and reviewed ONE book.  I’m currently reading two books.  What did I do with my time?  Well, I didn’t do much housework…nor did I go out, except I met my daughter for drinks on Monday…and yesterday, went to her salon for a massage from the therapist there, and a hairstyling.  Then we went to The Press Box for a snack and drinks.  No photos of those goodies, but I had a Bloody Mary with soup.  Here’s what she did to my hair:

The massage was wonderful!  Apparently my shoulder was frozen, which explains a lot about the pain and decreased mobility.  Now…I am determined to follow the stretches he has prescribed.

Above, you might notice that I have a new cover for Paige, my Kindle Oasis.  I think it is easier to hold the device…it is lighter!

On Thursday, the Senate Confirmation Hearings took over the TV channels…so I watched.  Frustrating and emotionally challenging.  I yelled at the TV a couple of times.

What lies ahead for us?   Well, in October, my #2 son has a significant birthday…and mine is at the end of the month, and all of mine are significant.  LOL.  But as you know, I celebrate for the whole month. 

Let’s grab some coffee and take a closer look at my week:


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Bookish Friday:  “We Were Mothers”

Friday Potpourri:  October Birthdays, Etc.

Review:  When Life Gives You Lululemons (e-book), by Lauren Weisberger (A Library Book)


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

One book came in my physical mailbox!  A review book from Joanne DeMaio.  Then I downloaded a Kindle Prime freebie…and a purchased book.

First Flurries, by Joanne DeMaio (Author Review Request)


In Her Bones (e-book), by Kate Moretti


We Were Mothers (e-book), by Katie Sise



I’m slowly reading Watching You, by Lisa Jewell, and while I’m loving it, I keep getting distracted.  Hopefully I will sink into the story today and tomorrow:

And I’ve begun reading:

Mr. Flood’s Last Resort (e-book), by Jess Kidd


That was my week.  What did yours look like?  I had this meal with my daughter a while ago…but I’m craving this food again!


73 thoughts on “WEEKLY UPDATES: BOOKS, ETC.

  1. We were chatting about Mexican food for dinner, too. Why is Mexican always so tempting? I have not cooked in days…this week is just not one where I have any spare energy, I fall asleep the moment I crawl into bed. Den knew I wanted the lounge chair out of our room so he surprised me with this one! We found a ruffly slip cover and one for the ottoman, too. I love it. I don’t know how he did it but he did. And this other one is in his study. He dragged it all up on his own. These are the things he does for me. Just for me…

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    1. There is just something about Mexican food that feels comforting, Patty…and, of course, it is delicious! When I was pregnant with my daughter and feeling nauseated, Mexican food was the only thing I could keep down.

      Den is definitely your super-hero. Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thanks, Katie, it was definitely eye-opening to watch the hearings…I think the last time I watched Senate hearings was back in the 1980s!

      I love Joanne DeMaio’s books, and this winter one makes me feel cozy.

      Enjoy your week!


  2. Yay for birthday month! Ha ha enjoy! And those confirmation hearings… yeah. Bunch of old white dudes- they all need to go! lol

    Ooh Watching You! I need to get that. And In Her Bones- the author name Moretti jumped out at me, I read her Blackbird season (assuming it’s the same Kate Moretti- I think it is?)

    Mexican food! Yum! I think I like that place haha!

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  3. A frozen shoulder can be painful i believe, good you got a massage – hope there are more planned. Some weeks just aren’t reading weeks and I think that’s just how it rolls. The Senate confirmation meetings would have been heart breaking – we saw parts on the news. Personally I think its not good enough for him to be put forward – that culture though of drink and sexist behaviour is still condoned by many.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I really hated the way the nominee behaved in the hearings, which I think must be the tip of the iceberg in terms of his attitudes and behaviors.

      Yes, the frozen shoulder is going to need more work. Even with stretches, it is a struggle to get control of it.

      Enjoy your week!


    1. Thanks, Shannon, I didn’t WANT to watch the hearings, but I also needed to know what we are up against.

      The stiffness in a muscle is painful and makes for challenging days and nights! Hopefully the massage has set me on a better path.

      Enjoy your week!


  4. StackingMy BookShelves

    You always make me hungry! I like the new cover and your hair it’s so cool. I can’t pull anything like that off. Happy almost birthday to you and your son. Have a fantastic week!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Erin, what a week we had! And the issues raised in the Senate Hearings are still undergoing further investigation, for which I’m grateful.

      Enjoy your week, and despite my short list of books read, I did enjoy that massage, Bloody Mary, and yummy snacks.


  5. The Cue Card

    Yeah the Confirmation Hearings took up a whole day! I was rather glued. Luckily Sen. Flake broke the mold for more investigation which it deserves. I hope you & your son have a good birthday month! October is usually a nice fall month. Enjoy your week.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and I was glad that Senator Flake did the right thing, although none of those Old Republicans looked too happy about it. They thought they had found their “boy.” And yes, he acted like a spoiled frat boy, IMO, despite how pleased some of the old boys were with him. Afterwards, and before Flake submitted his proposal, I thought they all heard different things than we did. They believed him!

      I’m hoping for a good birthday…and with my month-long celebration (LOL), I’ll get the most out of it.

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  6. It doesn’t sound like a bad week. I had to use books to escape which is the only reason I read more or at least about the same as usual. If I had watched the senate hearings my blood pressure might have gone through the roof. I hope this week goes better for you, at least more of what you want. Anne – Books of My Heart

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  7. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    Having a massage is so wonderful. I always feel so relaxed after, and they work out a lot of problem areas. Hope your stretching exercises help, too. I’m really curious about Lisa Jewell’s newest. Enjoy!

    Love Mexican food and margaritas! 🙂

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    1. Oh, the massage was great…I’ll need to have them more often, I think. I also love Mexican food and margaritas.

      I finished Watching You this afternoon, and it was great!

      Thanks for visiting, Rachel, and enjoy your week.


  8. How nice to have a daughter who has a salon! I love your hair and wish I could pull off color like that. My niece (who’s 4 years younger than me) has some blue in her hair and it looks adorable.

    I’ve heard good things about Watching You.

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, my daughter rents her space in the salon, so in that sense, it is hers. LOL. It is a comfy place with lots of friendly stylists…and the massage therapist, too.

      The blue sounds nice…I love my purple, too, and sometimes she adds a little burgundy.

      I am glad I enjoyed Watching You. I’ve been watching it sit on my coffee table for weeks!

      Enjoy your week.


    1. Thanks, Candace, I love fun, especially after having to stop dyeing my hair due to allergic reactions!

      The change of seasons could definitely interfere with productive reading…or anything else, too. Enjoy your upcoming week.


  9. Kathy Martin

    We cooked Mexican this week and went out for Italian. I went out and had a German-inspired menu. I’m feeling multi-cultural and well fed. I too watched a good part of the committee hearings on TV and an curious what the FBI will learn. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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    1. Thanks, Kathy, your food choices sound good! German food reminds me of a place I loved when I lived in Sacramento many years ago.

      We have a few Mexican and Italian places here.

      I am glad that the decision to investigate was made…although I think some of the Old White Guys were annoyed by the decision.

      Have a great week!


  10. Watching You looks like my kind of book! And I know what you mean about getting distracted, even when you’re enjoying something.

    Mmm… living in the desert southwest, I could not live without good Mexican food! Matter of fact, I had a breakfast tostada this morning. 🙂

    My roundup!

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    1. Thanks, Denise, when I developed an allergy to hair dye and realized changes had to be made, I was happy that my daughter stripped all the color (back to natural) and brightened my hair with that splash of purple. It now feels like my signature color! LOL.

      Enjoy your week.


  11. It was a week wasn’t it?? I had no intention of watching the hearings, I was packing to go out of town, I ended up watching it as I could and listening to it on the road. It really affected me emotionally. Let’s hope this week bring better things. Have a wonderful week.

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    1. I tuned in to the hearings because they took over all the channels…and I was curious. I am glad I did, as it helped cement what I already believed about the nominee.

      Enjoy your week, Heidi, and thanks for visiting.


  12. bibliomane46

    I have a couple of those books waiting for me on my Kindle! I just can’t read fast enough it seems! I love the purple in your hair! Have a wonderful week of reading!

    Sherry @ Ubiquitous grace

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  13. Ah – now I would like some Mexican food! I had limited internet and TV but tried to follow Thursday with my phone a bit. Frustrating in more ways than one. Your purple looks good as always and I am glad the massage helped. My hubby has been suffering from shoulder pain. Maybe I will give it a bit of a rub tomorrow night.
    First Flurries looks like a nice change of pace to the heavier thrillers. Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Katherine, and I’ve been having trouble sticking to my reading, too, with only one book read last week. Then I finished another one on Sunday.

      My shoulder is still giving me trouble, but as long as I do the stretches, I think I’ll be able to work the kinks out. But it’s not fun. Sigh.

      Enjoy your week!


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