Welcome to another Coffee Chat, in which we share bookish and not so bookish thoughts.  Head on over to Bookishly Boisterous to add your link.


Last week, I had much to share about family, the fun stuff, and the gritty house-cleaning.  I went on to do a little more of the scrub-a-dub detail, in bathrooms, etc., inspired by Fiona’s efforts in my kitchen.  But let’s not go crazy…I’m not going to turn into Martha Stewart.  LOL.  I do love playing around with the decor, however, and if I dust and clean along the way, that’s just a side effect.  Patty, at Books, Thoughts & Adventures, wrote about collecting more of her white, “peely pieces”…and I was reminded of some of mine.  Here’s one I own, a nightstand, but it has served other purposes over the years.  I used it to hold a small TV in my other house.  Now I love it as my go-to place for STUFF.  I used to have a stack of books on top.  I have cleared it off except for the clock radio, my cordless phone charger, and my mug of tea.  I like that it has a drawer and a bottom door that opens to other goodies I can stash there.  You might be surprised at what you find inside:  baby books, for one.  Yes, a book for each of my four children.

  • So…let’s chat about some bookish things.  What a great reading week so far!  I plowed through some thrillers:  Lies, by T. M. Hogan, a NetGalley review book being released on 9/11; and An Unwanted Guest, by Shari Lapena.  (Click titles for my reviews).
  • Today I started reading a book I got from the library:  I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, by Michelle McNamara.

  • I have added a few extra purchased books in the last couple of months, despite my vow to buy less and borrow more.  In July, I bought 13 books!  But I dropped down to 6 (so far) in August.  The problem with buying so many:  sometimes I forget what I own (even though I enter the titles on my Curl up and Read blog).  Like this morning, I saw the book Those Other Women, by Nicola Moriarty…and immediately went to the Amazon page…only to discover that I had bought a copy in June!  (I’m glad Amazon lets us know when we purchased the book!). Then I realized the problem:  the one I bought has this cover on the left, while the one I saw this morning had the one on the right:







  • Confusion abounds with distinct covers…and then there are those titles that are different, too.  I have actually ordered a book that I already had because of the alternate title.  Sigh.
  • The world of bookish things can be a challenge!


What does your week look like so far?  What bookish and not so bookish things are challenging you?



  1. Yes its great that Amazon tells us that we have bought the book. Borrowing is good and I am now better organised for putting in reserves. However August was a good spend up buying time for me. Sometimes its good to go wild!

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    1. It is a hard choice: to buy or to borrow. I have saved myself some money, though, and I also love that little message: You bought this book on….

      Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I do love going wild sometimes, too.


    1. Thanks, Patty, my piece feels rough to the touch. Some are smoother, but I feel like this one is just right for me.

      I would love your antique barn. I got my little “nightstand” at a Crafter’s Palace…I think. I do know that it no longer lives…sigh. I miss it! So, yes, your barn looks like the perfect substitute. There’s only one problem: it’s there and I’m here. LOL


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