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Because my week limped along, just as I was moving slowly due to a back injury, I only now finished reading and reviewing my third book…and it is Saturday afternoon.  I am so glad I finished it, as it kept me guessing and wondering throughout.  I love books that do that for me.  All three of my books this week were page-turners of one kind or another, all with a bit of mystery.  Some more than others.

Movie watching held me captive this week, too, beginning with a Prime Video of Book Club, which I first saw in the theater, but couldn’t wait to watch again.  I love savoring a movie that I have already seen, not minding that I know what will happen next.  Then, last night I watched a movie starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, called Adore.  Set in Australia, we are lulled into the beauty of the scenery and the seaside, and then are teased into watching a very unconventional story that might not please most people, but I did enjoy the actors.  I also watched  The Killing of a Sacred Deer, starring Colin Farrel and Nicole Kidman, a heart-stopping thriller about a surgeon whose family is terrorized by a depraved teenager determined to take revenge on the doctor for a fatal past mistake.

On TV, I enjoyed the first episode in The Sinner, Season II.   Detective Harry Ambrose, portrayed by Bill Pullman, returns to solve the mysterious case.  Knowing how the first season unfolded, we will be following twists and turns throughout.

I finished Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black...and now I am very eager to see what happens next.  Sigh.  But first, Ozark has a new season coming at the end of the month.

So…what else?  Let’s grab some coffee, even though it is no longer morning…and take a closer look.


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Weekend Potpourri:  Books, Mailbox Delights, Etc.

Review:  The Season of Silver Linings, by Christine Nolfi (Author Review Request)Review:  Feared (e-book, A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel), by Lisa Scottoline -(NG-8/14)Review:  The Date (e-book), by Louise Jensen


INCOMING BOOKS: (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon)

Empty mailbox!  I did download two purchases:

They All Fall Down (e-book), by Tammy Cohen

Lush:  A Memoir (e-book), by Kerry Cohen



Currently Reading:  Clock Dance, by Anne Tyler

A charming new novel of self-discovery and second chances from the best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Spool of Blue Thread.

I have a few more books on my list for this week, and my moods will lead the way…at least one of them will be a NetGalley ARC.


That was my week.  What did your week look like?  One morning this past week, I had brunch at Mimi’s, while reading this review book.  An egg white omelet with strawberries…and a Bloody Mary.



    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, enjoy your sister time! I only have one sister, and she is 13 years younger and lives 100 miles away. I love seeing her four daughters on Facebook…they are all grown and live all over the US.

      My back feels better…and I very carefully rolled my vacuum into a walk-in closet, so I won’t have to lift it up the steps any more!


  1. Patty

    You had a full week! Lots of movies! We watched the Sinner, too…it looks intriguing. I am giving up on Sharp Objects…I can’t get in to it. Just curious…is there a reason why you only eat egg white omelettes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for visiting, Patty; I don’t “only” eat egg white omelettes. However, when I select a spinach omelette, I prefer it with egg whites. The flavors are more pleasing, IMO.

      Is that a “trick” question? LOL


  2. Reading a 2017 novel, Almost Sisters. I think you’d like it. Has to do with two women who are step-sisters doing the dance of life, ha! and prodding each other on during their troubles. Also, about elder care and Alzheimer’s, dementia.

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    1. I read it, Harvee, and I really liked it. I had it a while before I got to it, though, which makes me realize that other treasures are probably hiding out on Pippa, my Kindle.

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your week.


  3. Mmm will be watching for your review of the Anne Tyler book. Watching a movie that is good a second time is always good. My problem is getting to watch it a first time! I see your back is much improved and you have dealt to the vacuum!

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, and my back is better, although I still need the heating pad. Sigh.

      I love watching some movies so often that I know the dialogue…then I can really relax into the film. Oldies like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail come to mind. LOL

      Enjoy your week!

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  4. So sorry to hear about your back injury, Laurel – it’s grim… You can’t sit, stand or lie down in any comfort for any length of time. I hope your back is soon on the mend. I’ve found my TENS machine invaluable for helping my flareups, which are generally attacks of sciatica – it’s brilliant for that. In the meantime, I hope the coming week is a better one!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not overstating it when I say that it has changed my life. I was having to visit the physio at least twice a month, which was costing a fortune and there was an increasing list of activities I couldn’t do for fear it would make my sciatica flare. Since using the TENS machine I can now exercise regularly and move with confidence. Take care, Laurel.

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  5. I hope your back pain is gone soon. Few physical pains are worse than back pain.
    I can’t remember the last movie I saw but my husband is a fan and will watch his favorites many times. I don’t re-read books either. Do you?
    I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on Lush. Adding it to my Goodreads list now. Have a good week, Laurel!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Mary, and I can’t recall the last book I re-read, although I have a small stack that I keep meaning to enjoy again. It’s much easier to re-watch movies…lol.

      My back is better, although sometimes it flares up again. I thought the pain was behind me, but I woke up all stiff and achy today. Sigh. I moved to the sofa and the heating pad for a while.

      Have a great week!


  6. Jenea

    I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. (Sending healing thoughts your way) You watched some great movies this past week and congrats on finishing your 3rd book too. We finished Oroange is the New Black too, it was pretty great! Have a happy Sunday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jenea, it was easy to watch the whole of Season 6 (OITNB), as it was riveting. Now we have to wait for a new season…sigh.

      Enjoy your books, and I’m trying to be kind to my back, since it can flare up again so easily.


  7. Is the Book Club movie that you watched on Prime the Jane Fonda one? It’s not coming up in my Prime Video. All I see is $14.99 to pre-order the DVD. I’m eager to see that movie since it didn’t come to our tiny little town.

    I do not like the white part of eggs. I wish you could get an egg yolk only omelette. Ha ha!

    I’m glad your back is on the mend!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Intrepid Angeleno; the Book Club movie I ordered is the one with Jane Fonda. In your Prime account, click on Prime Videos, enter Book Club, and it comes up as a video to pre-order, although now that I have it, it may not be a pre-order any longer. When I pre-ordered mine, within a week, I got an e-mail that it was on my page.

      I don’t enjoy all kinds of egg white omelettes, just the spinach version. LOL Have a great week!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Laura T, and I love bingeing, too! I was happy with some parts of that ending…but not so much with other aspects. Sigh.

      It is hard to wait for new seasons, so luckily other shows are bringing some on. Enjoy!


  8. StackingMy BookShelves

    Sorry to hear about your back. I know how that can be. Ugg sending positive vibes your way! Great books this week and you always have the habit of making me want to dine out cause your meals/desserts looks so amazing! Have a wonderful week.

    Mary my #SundayRoundup #30!

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    1. Thanks for the positive vibes, Mary…and I have been enjoying some good books. I haven’t done much dining out this week since I twisted my back. I was planning to go out for lunch today, but now I’m not sure. It feels good to just lie around and do a little reading and blogging.

      Have a great week.


  9. I look forward to hearing if you like Clock Dance. And thx for the movie reviews: the Sacred Deer one sounds different. We saw a good movie last night called Leave No Trace. I think you’d like it. It might still be in theaters there. I hope your back recovers soon. Take it easy.

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  10. Sorry to hear your back was troubling you I hope it is better. Mine has been twinging (very short spasms and pain like inflammation). I have been moving carefully.
    Looks like you had a good week.
    Your new covers are mostly bright (2 out of 3). 🙂
    Happy Reading!

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  11. Is that a new Anne Tyler? I was a bit underwhelmed by A Spool Of Blue Thread, but would still read more of her books. I don’t recognise Clock Dance.
    Fingers crossed your back gives you less trouble this week. Must be so frustrating

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  12. I didn’t realize Season 2 of Sinner had already started. I really enjoyed the first. So this one’s only connection to the first is the detective right? I’ve been watching Season 1 of Slasher on Netflix. I’ve been in the mood for campy horror and am actually surprised how much plot this one has.

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  13. Susie | Novel Visits

    I’ve been super curious about Lush. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Clock Dance. It didn’t really work for me. Have a lovely week. I hope your back gets back into shape soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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