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Mornings are cool enough, at 75, but the afternoon will bring 103 or more, and the triple digits are predicted to last all week.  I’ve been going out in the morning to do errands and shopping, and plan to do the same today.  There are sales out there!

Meanwhile, the reading went very well this week, with three books read and reviewed.  Their differences kept me fully engaged.  My favorite Sunday shows make that day one to eagerly anticipate:  Sharp Objects and The Affair.  And now the Hallmark Murders & Mysteries have brought out a new season of summer mysteries.  Tomorrow will showcase the newest Aurora Teagarden Mystery, The Disappearing Game.

Last night I watched half of Season 6: Orange is the New Black.  As with all new seasons, there are new characters mixed with the old, and hints of what happened at the end of last season.  There is no longer a cozy network of friends, but a whole new group of evil and conniving guards placing bets on which prisoners will fall prey to the others.  A tougher group of women greet our familiar “friends,” offering new challenges.

I also discovered a show on Amazon Prime called The Slap. When I saw it originally, it was shown on Network TV.  The new version was filmed in Australia,  and so far, there is only one member of the original cast, the hippie mother portrayed by Melissa George.  A most hated character, IMO.  They found an equally bratty child to play Hugo.  LOL.

Soon we will see a new season for Ozark.  Yay!  I love when a group of new shows descend…filling in the emptiness left by the disappearing ones.

So…in hot weather, good books and good shows keep us indoors, only venturing out in the cooler parts of the day.

Over in Prague, my son and DIL snapped some lovely photos in the park…and I love this one of Gabi.

So…let’s grab some more coffee and take a closer look at my week:



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Monday Potpourri:  A Weekend to Remember…

Rainy Day Excerpts:  “The Date”

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Keeping Track:  My Books Purchased & Read

Bookish Friday:  “Just Between Us”

Review:  The Death of Mrs. Westaway (e-book), by Ruth WareReview:  Sister of Mine (e-book), by Laurie Petrou (NG – 8/7)Review:  All We Ever Wanted (e-book), by Emily Giffin


INCOMING BOOKS (Titles/Covers Linked to Amazon):

Empty mailbox! I did download some purchased e-books that have been on my list forever!

Whistle in the Dark (e-book), by Emma Healey, a wry, poignant, and masterfully drawn story that explores the bonds and duress of family life, the pain of mental illness, and the fraught yet enduring connection between mothers and daughters; a story of guilt, fear, hope, and love that explores what it means to lose and find ourselves and those we love.

Day of the Dead (e-book, A Frieda Klein Novel), by Nicci French: This gripping cat-and-mouse thriller pits one of the most fascinating characters in contemporary fiction against an enemy like none other. Smart, sophisticated, and spellbinding, it’s a novel to leave you breathless.

A Noise Downstairs (e-book), by Linwood Barclay, a haunting psychological thriller that blends the twists and turns of Gillian Flynn with the driving suspense of Harlan Coben, in which a man is troubled by odd sounds for which there is no rational explanation.

Ghosted (e-book), by Rosie Walsh:  “I absolutely loved this book and didn’t want it to end.” –Liane Moriarty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Big Little Lies

Seven perfect days. Then he disappeared. A love story with a secret at its heart.



Currently I’m reading a review book in the Sweet Lake Series:  The Season of Silver Linings, by Christine Nolfi:  She can’t change what’s come before. But letting go could bring healing—and the rare love that comes once in a lifetime.

More books are on my list, and I’m not sure what will grab me next…but on my Kindle, I have Feared, by Lisa Scottoline, an upcoming NetGalley review book to be released on 8/14.  In the new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, Mary DiNunzio’s ruthless nemesis Nick Machiavelli is back…with a vengeance.


So…what lies ahead:  a new week with triple digits, delicious books to enjoy…and an occasional treat from the neighborhood.  On Thursday, I savored this lovely salad and a margarita from California Pizza Kitchen.  What did your week bring you?



  1. It’s amazing that your temps go up so high in the afternoons! My only experience with living in CA was when we lived in Santa Clara for a few years but that area was milder…I think…they used to call it a Mediterranean Climate. I think we had a fall rainy season, too. You have been busy…there are a ton of sales out there now! I agree! I think I need to check out The Slap! It sounds interesting!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Patty, and Santa Clara is definitely cooler…closer to the Bay Area. I loved living in SF in the 60s…but sadly, the Central Valley is where I’ve been most of my life. Sigh.

      We are close to mountains and beaches here, though…just a couple of hours away.

      Enjoy your week.


  2. Those Hallmark murder mysteries sound like a great way to relax indoors on a hot day! And I’m with you- if it’s THAT hot there’s no way I’m going outside lol. Mornings would be it!

    Glad the reading has gone well. I do want to watch Sharp Objects at some point…

    Day of the Dead sounds good, and A Noise Downstairs sounds freaky! Ha ha might need the lights on for that one. 🙂 Mmm yummy salad.

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  3. Yes if I were you I’d be out in the early morning, laughed at the sales remark. You’ve bought a few good books, the one that would appeal to me is Whistle in the Dark. I just don’t watch a lot of TV – I like the idea of it, but I just don’t fit much of it into my day… and its winter here, you’d think I would!

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and Emma Healey’s earlier book, Elizabeth is Missing, turned me into a fan, so I had to order Whistle in the Dark.

      I am already back from shopping…it was starting to get hot. I couldn’t find what I wanted in the neighborhood Macy’s, and the sales assistant said their bigger store in the huge mall (that I hate) would have a bigger selection. Sigh. Not going there, not when it’s hot.

      Enjoy your week!

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  4. We just watched the first 2 episodes of the new season of Orange is the New Black and there’s definitely a whole different feel to the show this season but it looks like it’s going to be good. I’m so looking forward to Ozark being back, I loved the first season. I haven’t seen The Slap but I read the novel a few years ago and really enjoyed it.
    I recently read A Noise Downstairs and really enjoyed it. I think it’s Linwood Barclay’s best book to date. I still need to write my review for it, I’m so behind with review writing at the moment but I’ll get there eventually.
    Hope you enjoy your new books and continue to enjoy your TV shows 🙂

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  5. That is a lovely photo of beautiful Gabi.

    GREAT week of reviews….glad to know THE DEATH OF MRS. WESTAWAY was good.

    I hope you LOVE A NOISE DOWNSTAIRS as much as I did.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and week, Laurel.

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    • Thanks, Elizabeth, Gabi is very photogenic, and has even done some modeling. But even better…she has a kind heart and is fun to be around.

      I suspect that I’m going to love A Noise Downstairs…enjoy your week and your books!

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  6. My husband and I watched about 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black yesterday, he’s watching it right now too. 😉 Enjoy your new books and the rest of your Sunday.

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  7. Triple digits! You may need to jump in the St. Croix. Wouldn’t it be great if we could tele-transport ourselves. I’ll have to get back into the Ozark, thanks for letting me know. I just watched an episode called Counterparts which is a german thriller about two identical worlds and people that can be transported to with a tunnel and a door.

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    • I love Ozark, too…and can’t wait to watch the next season. Triple digits, not so much. But I’ve been living with these kinds of summers most of my life. Thanks for visiting, Trin, and enjoy your weekend.


  8. This week started not too bad but by Fridat the heat and humidity were brutal. Next week doesn’t look quite as bad because of lots of rain. Nice books to read while keeping cool. And I’m also enjoying new episodes coming out and new shows.

    My Sunday Post

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  9. Yikes, it’s hot by you! We finally have a day that’s not too humid. It’s the humidity rather than the hot that’s been bothering me.

    I’m loving the Hallmark Mysteries. I’ve been catching up with the Garage Sale series. I really need to read this series. I haven’t started the Aurora Teagarden ones yet. They do look good. I’m looking forward to watching OITNB and Ozark. I think Ozark comes out at the end of August. I’ve been enjoying The Affair and Sharp Objects. Both are good shows.

    The Day of the Dead looks really good. Enjoy your books and have a great week!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Yvonne, and I think we’re lucky that our heat is dry, not humid.

      I love the Hallmark Channels, with all the mysteries. I enjoy the Garage Sale ones and, of course, Aurora Teagarden. Murder She Baked is good, too. I’m on episode 10 of OITNB Season 6…have scarcely done anything else today!

      Enjoy your week.

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  10. 103° 😳. Yup….it’s hot here too like I previously mentioned. Great books!! I want to read Ghosted. I’m reading too many books at once right now and feel like I’m never going to finish up. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Lovely Prague pic of your DIL. 😊

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  11. It looks like a good week except for the 100+ temps. Speaking of HOT, I forgot to say in my reply, I think Keith Urban is hot. And so talented – he can really play the guitar / keyboards etc. Anyway, we are having scattered shows every day which is keeping us humid but in the 80s. Anne – Books of My Heart

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  12. Pretty photo! I have to get everything done in the morning because it too hot to concentrate in the afternoon. I’m very ready for fall. You’ll have to tell us what you think of Whistle in the Dark. I loved the author’s first book, but I’ve seen mixed reviews of this one.

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  13. We don’t get the Hallmark Mystery channel – wish we did. We’re thinking of giving up cable all together so maybe we can find it on another platform. Your new books look good. Stay cool this week!

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    • Thanks, Mary, I had to pick one of the packages I didn’t want just to get some of the channels I like, such as Hallmark Mysteries. But I hate how we are limited in what we can pick.

      Enjoy your week!


    • Thanks for visiting, Aleen, and I stayed inside in air-conditioned rooms and binge-watched the rest of Season 6, OITNB. I always hate when it ends, as there is a cliffhanger…and then it will be ages before we get another season. Sigh.

      Enjoy your week! I would love to visit Prague…if I wasn’t afraid of long flights!


  14. I’ve been enjoying Sharp Objects too! I feel it’s been a good adaptation of the book so far.
    I’ve been eyeing Whistle in the Dark, though I hadn’t seen that cover for it yet. It’s mesmerizing, I like it. A Noise Downstairs sounds really intriguing. Happy reading!

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  15. It’s cooler in the mornings here, too, but if you’re outside very long you realize it’s very humid. I can take heat more than humidity.

    I love the photo of your daughter-in-law too!

    All of your new books look really good.

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    • Thanks, Kathy, I do love the cooler mornings; sadly, by the time I get around to going out, it is too warm! Someday I plan to go out there very early, perhaps with my laptop. We’ll see how that goes.

      I enjoy seeing photos of my “absent” family members, and recall how much fun we had the last time they visited. I’m thinking they’re due for another trip. Have a great week.


    • Thanks for visiting, Candace, and I’m excited about Ozark coming. I just finished Season 6 of OITNB, and looking for something else to fill in the gaps of my Binge Hangover.

      Have a great week, and enjoy your books. Be happy you don’t have these temperatures…but it could be worse. I wouldn’t want the winters many have.


  16. I don’t envy you your weather. We are about 20 degrees cooler where I live which is warm enough for me. Sounds like you have found some great shows to watch. I need to explore my Amazon Prime some more. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathy, and I am amazed at the lovely shows and movies I find on Prime. Enjoy the discoveries. I don’t like the hot weather, but I’ll take it…since that aspect of it also means we have mild winters.

      Enjoy your week!


  17. Eek! That is some temperature hike between the morning and afternoon, Laurel! No wonder you sally forth in the mornings and hunker down by the aircon after lunch… I hope you continue to be able to continue with this successful strategy during the coming week, enjoying some great TV and books:).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sarah, I like the image of me sallying forth…and then hunkering down.LOL.

      Sometimes as I lie around reading in the mornings, on the days when I haven’t yet decided about going out, I have a battle with myself: will I go out, or will I stay in? By afternoon, the heat has already decided for me.

      Enjoy your week!


  18. I’d like to start watching Sharp Objects and The Affair. We are midway into Season 7 of Homeland and are liking it as usual. But someone told me I should watch an Australian show called The Offspring. Do you know it? I don’t … but I’ll look for it. Stay out of the Heat and have a great week.

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